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Did you always want to have a great voice? Or do you know you have one, and want to get better at using it? Or, are you a great singer, but tormented by stage fright? Genres: Pop, rock, jazz & blues, soul, singer/songwriter I've been teaching music for almost a decade now, and I'm still as in love with it as when I started. I love to see my students grow. Together we look for what inspires you, what supports you technically, and find your path in learning how to sing. We'll work on breathing, tone, style, and the mental game that comes with being a confident singer and regular practice. I focus on giving you a positive learning experience; I'm going to empower you by teaching you step by step, so you know what your process is and you can reproduce it yourself at home or at a gig. If you're interested, we can also work on songwriting and/or accompanying yourself on an instrument. You decide the tempo at which we work, you decide what and what style you want to work on, you decide whether you take classes of 30 or 60 minutes and how regularly you take them. You'll get exercises, sheet music and backing tracks to practice at home. You're allowed to record the class so you can remember everything and hear your progress. If you want to, we can even make a professional recording of you singing. Everything is possible, and everything we do will be in dialogue with each other. !! It is possible to work with me on extended vocal techniques like growl & distortion !!

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Het was een super leuk les. Kijk er uit naar de volgende.
Zeer fijne les! Fantastische tips!
Heel aangenaam, heel veel goeie tips, top!

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