Trilingual teacher (FR - EN - NL), I offer a course adapted to your request. Used to working with adults from various backgrounds and having myself worked in trilingual organizations, I attach great importance to creating a tailor-made course for you, adapted to your level and your request. I can help you progress both in your professional activity and in your everyday life. It can therefore range from how to negotiate a contract, host a meeting, talk to a client, go shopping, go to the cinema, to a restaurant, ... and much more! The important thing is to make French as attractive and as quickly usable as possible according to your needs. We therefore start from concrete situations in order, little by little, to inject vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, pronunciation and of course immerse yourself in French-speaking culture! Feel free to contact me for more information, Cécile
Is your hobby watching movies? Are you addicted to Netflix? What if you chose to study them outright? Trained in cinematographic analysis and aggregated in visual arts, I offer a course in the history of cinema. We will approach the main trends of cinematographic history compared with art history.
At the start of the youth album of your choice (you know, the one she / he constantly asks you to reread to her "by making the voices"), I will make a reading of it told in front of her / him then we will realize together a plastic realization from this story!
Do you want to captivate your 3-12 year old audience by telling them stories? Discover the magic of storytelling? Discover the technique of kamishibai between reading a youth album and a theatrical performance? Professional illustrator and reader of kamishibaï, I pass on the tricks of the trade to you! Comments from one of my students: "A big thank you! Great course it was so interesting!" (Sandra)
Associate illustrator in Plastic Arts, I suggest that you put my talents at your service. We can create a course together according to your project: a youth album? A comic book ? In watercolor, in collage, on computer? I can offer you exercises to help you progress or give you progressively guidance and feedback on your project already underway (workshop).

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Heureux de l'avoir rencontrée, je partage avec elle ma passion pour l'art contemporain et la photographie, en cette période on travaille sur la phonétique et sur un élargissement du vocabulaire, toujours très attentif à l'écoute.
Cécile really knows how to encourage you to speak and try. I really enjoyed the lesson and look forward to learn more.
Cécile is a responsive teacher who uses an interactive and structured approach. She listened to my needs and was attentive to my level, tailoring lessons to how and where i can best make progress. The strength I am most impressed by is her ability to identify where exactly I'm having issues, and to work around those needs and structure homework in a way that best exercises it.
Très bon cours adapté à ma demande

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