Seeking talented dancers for your special event, party, product launch party, or Gala? As an international dance artist, I'm dedicated to providing high-quality dance performances for your event. Clients may choose from our current repertory or commission a dance performances to add energy and life to their events. We specialize in dance styles including hip hop, contemporary, and body percussion and we believe in creating unforgettable experiences and entertaining audiences through the power of dance. Contact me if you have any questions.
The Everyone Can Dance Series is a program geared towards Adult Absolute Beginner/Beginner students who seek to learn different dance styles, step outside their comfort zone, improve their coordination and physical fitness and overall just have fun! Each class focuses on an artists or decades specific trendy and high energy movements and choreography. Each class consists of a warm-up, stretching and a themed movement combination for all levels that gets participants confident and full of expression in their own body while connecting with others. We believe that everyone can enjoy movement as a means of expression, connecting and increased self-confidence because EVERYONE Can Dance! Example Classes are Everyone Can Dance Like Beyonce, Everyone Can Dance Like Bruno Mars, Everyone Can Dance Hip Hop, Everyone Can Jazz Dance and MORE!
Make your upcoming birthday, wedding or bachelorette party exciting with a fun dance class or movement choreography! Styles include hip hop, Social dance for parties, ballet, jazz, stepping, slow dance and contemporary dance. Learn simple movements that get your connecting with others and ready to hit the stage for your friends or family. Or learn the perfect slow dance for you and your partner. No experience necessary! I can create dance that fits your ability and comfort.
I am a native American English Speaker with over 10 years of teaching experience. I have worked with students of all ages and populations and I pride myself in being a patient and warm teacher. I create a positive class atmosphere that maintains an engaging learning environment. There is never a dull moment in my classes! My specific classes and lesson plans are catered to specific age groups from Pre-K to adults. They consist of engaging language activities, and engaging language subjects. I seriously take into account the needs and skill level of each student in preparing my lesson plans and material.
I am a professional dancer who has completed the 200 Yoga Teacher Training at Samyak Yoga in Mysore, India. My training is focused on the physical & mental state within yoga as well as breathing techniques called Pranayama to assist the practice and improve overall well-being. All of my private and group classes focus on making the yoga practice accessible for all practitioners from absolute beginners to advanced students. I believe Yoga is a shared experience that requires equal commitment from the teacher as well as the student. I make sure that students have a solid understanding of the postures, their benefits as well as the transitions between then to create a strong practice on and off the mat. I am always prepared to challenge the student as well as adapt to their needs.

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We were super happy with Briana's dance lessons and had a lot of fun!
Very easy contact, I was immediately at ease. The class was really fun, Briana listening and adapting to my level... a total newbie. I left full of energy and knowing that there is hope for me :P! Thanks, Briana!
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Briana is an amazing dancer, a patient teacher and fun to hang out with😊

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