Do you want to play in a band, play for fun at home with friends, or become a proffecional drummer? Come for a lesson in my studio and see what you'd like to learn. If you like a certain style, we will focus on it and develop your playing towards your taste. I've been playing, teaching and studying drums for over 15 years now. I take it very seriously and try to tailor my teaching to every student that I have. I can use my experience as a proffecional musician to make you progress fast and focus on things not every teacher knows from books. In this course we will focus on technique as well as creativity and improvisation (one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing drums). Do you have any other percussion instrument you'd like to expand your knowledge on? I can offer you percussion lessons as well since I have a lot of experience in playing percussion as well. If you want to study with me I can provide a stable program for development for fast results including scores, exercises, etc. About me: As well as teaching, I'm mainly a performer of music - I've been playing drums with different bands as well as classical percussion for more than 15 years now in many different settings. In the last years of my development I've taken a closer look to jazz, pop, hip hop and rock music. I can use my experience to find good qualities in my students and develop them as much as possible. I hope you consider me to be your teacher :)
In the percussion field there are more instruments than you can count, it's a perfect opportunity to try out different things in the musical field and see what you like as a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. I am teaching music theory to all my students in order to deepen their musical knowledge on any instrument. I've been playing, studying, teaching and performing for over 15 years now, so I can use my experience to find good qualities in the you and develop them as much as possible. If you want to study with me I can provide a stable program for development including scores, exercises etc. In this class, we will be focusing on instruments sutch as Marimba, Vibraphone, Drum set, Latin percussion, African percussion, Djembe, Orchestral Percussion, Timpani and more. You can come to a lesson and see what you like from all the things mentioned. Do you have instruments at home? I can come to your home and spare you the travels.

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