Lessons from an experienced tutor (8 years of tutoring privately and in groups). I have a B.Sc. and an MBA, specializing in Finance and international Business. If you are a student, a professional or just building up your business, then Excel is a MUST tool for you. I can also help you with financial planning, investment portfolios, sensitivity and feasibility analysis for your projects, and much more. Tutoring is either online (Zoom/Skype) or at my place.
One of the most important subjects that we study in school is math. Nevertheless, while understanding its importance, many students fail to fall in love with math. This is because many times they have to go over a lot of material at once without enough time to properly process everything. Teachers rarely try to demonstrate a link between theoretical knowledge to practical uses in life (imagine if you knew that integrals are being used to describe water whirlpools or air dynamics, if you thought of compound interest as a way to achieve financial wealth, or what would be you attitude towards complex/imaginary numbers if you knew how they help with radio broadcasts on your way to school). Another reason why many students struggle with math is that it is one of those subjects that has a sequential logic to it (you cannot learn equations if you skipped division, etc). If a student skips a class, he will have a hard time understanding the future classes. I understand how hard it is to study something which you cannot relate to - I will help the student to find something useful in math, so that he would be able to appreciate this important subject and hopefully fall in love with it. I will also find and cover all the gaps that a student might have as a result of missing/skipping/day dreaming a class. It is important to fill all the gaps, so that the student can proceed into learning more advanced topics.

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I highly recommend Boris. He really knows what he speaks about and he will really help you understand several standpoints on finance.
Thanks to Boris, I was able to pass my exam in Asset Management. Excellent in explaining and very helpful so I highly recommend. Thank you again, Boris!
Excellent Teacher, i highly recommend his service. Very skilled, dedicated and patient. Very good communication as well.

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