- Dutch courses - All levels - Online lessons - Individual & Group Hi! My name is Bart and I have a passion for language and coaching/teaching. Having lived in several different countries I know how challenging it can be to learn a new language and to put it into practice. Especially Dutch, with it's unusual pronunciations and structures. During our lessons I will explain how to deal with such issues and show you that Dutch is actually quite a structured language and a lot less complicated that often suggested. I am a positive and optimistic person and this is also how I teach. I focus on how to do things right rather than wasting energy on why things are wrong. This creates a nice learning atmosphere and it also makes the course much more productive. I like to have an open communication with my students and encourage them to let me know what their difficulties are and what they want to improve. When learning a language it is very important that you can quickly put into practice what you have learned. This naturally motivates you to learn more. For that reason I find it important that it is clear from the beginning what the language needs and wishes of my students are so we can work towards your goals in an effective way and make sure you are able to apply what you have learned as soon as possible. The reason why I like teaching so much is because I enjoy showing people what they are capable of and to help them develop their skills. Another reason is that it allowes me to open the door for you to a great language and culture!
Hi, The inburgering exam is often considered a long and stressful undertaking. With the right guidance and teaching, this does not have to be the case. In this training you will work towards the exam efficiently and at your own speed. You will get familiar with the structure and the logic of the exam and exam questions. Once you understand this, it will save you a lot of time. INDIVIDUAL TRAINING: Efficient training At your own speed Personalized coaching Time saving tips & advice about the exam A lot of exam practice material Online or in person GROUP TRAINING: Form a group with people who also want to take the exam Personalized coaching Time saving tips & advice about the exam A lot of exam practice material Reduced group rate Online or in person How I teach: 1 - Your level and objective(s) At the start, we will discuss your level and objectives. This way I can efficiently give you the help that you need. 2 - Open communication I have an open way of teaching in which I encourage students to keep telling me what their difficulties are or where they would like to improve. In my experience, this saves a lot of time and also makes the lessons more fun. 3 - Simplify instead of complicate I am good at listening and understanding why students are having difficulties with certain issues. This way I can simplify the issue and teach Dutch in an easy and understandable way. 4 - Involved I am involved with my students' objectives and am constantly looking for the best and most efficient way to make progress.

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Bart is a very good teacher.
Great teacher look forward to more lessons.
Very profesional and my son was engage with his methods. Very good
I enjoy very much my weekly lessons with Bart. He makes learning Dutch and its culture a fun and entertaining experience, while speaking Dutch as much as possible, using English only when really necessary. The diversity of the exercises and the fact that he alternates often between listening, speaking, reading and explaining the grammar makes it very enjoyable to learn and practice. It also helps me keep my concentration without getting bored by long repetitive exercises. Bart is super friendly and patient and he makes sure to adapt the lessons to your needs from the beginning and throughout the course. I highly recommend Bart!
Finished my first session with Bart and am very satisfied. He was prepared with some tests of my capabilities, but he had no inflexible agenda. He took the time to understand my current expertise, capabilities, and what I'm looking for, and he works with that while suggesting learning opportunities from his own experience. He uses as much or little English as makes sense given the situation. I'm looking forward to our future meetings.

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