My name is Blanca Royo and I am a student of international relations. I am particularly interested in the study of languages (English, French and Arabic). I have always been passionate about learning foreign languages, which is why I decided to become a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language six years ago. Since then I have been helping children and adults to learn Spanish, English and Catalan. For the little ones, we learn numbers and comparisons through play (high/low, small/big, cold/hot...) We try to make the school material as visual and simple as possible. In the same way, we revise the concepts learned with songs or manual work, for example. Compared to teenagers, I adopt a more academic approach to revise the concepts learned in class. I am more attentive to the transversal skills on which the student has the most difficulties (comprehension of the subject, writing, expression...) and we work from there. For me, it is essential that the child does not feel frustrated for not understanding the subject(s) and to motivate the teenager to work on what is difficult for him. Working on positive reinforcement is essential at this stage, from my point of view. I offer lessons for adults of all levels. To start, I have a preliminary interview with the student during which we discuss the skills that he wishes to improve (reading comprehension, writing, speaking, written expression or vocabulary and grammar). From there, I develop a program that I present to the student and we work on it. I also offer exam preparation courses.

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