I offer a private lesson in algorithmic and object oriented programming (in JAVA). I also offer a JAVA course from A to Z, very flexible and to be adapted according to your preferences and objectives. This course can last about twenty sessions but guarantees a global view on all the bases necessary for a successful professional life. - Introduction to JAVA (notions, syntax ...) - TP: a calculator v1 - Object oriented programming (OOP) - TP: shopping cart v1 - Introduction to useful JAVA libraries (and docs) - TP: calculator v2 - JAVA8 collections and news (lambda functions ...) - TP: shopping cart v2 - Exception management - TP: shopping cart v3 - Introduction to database connection + hibernate - TP: shopping cart v4 (with the database of your choice) - Control inversion and dependency injection with Spring - Spring MVC + REST - TP: shopping cart v5 - create a thin client (with the language of your choice) - .... Regarding my methodology, I base myself on a practical example which concretizes the theory behind the course. So the session begins with a brief introduction of theoretical concepts, then we start with a real case while balancing between the two aspects: "practical" and "theoretical". A method that I have tested a lot and that I find ideal. You will love JAVA and the programming :)

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