Over the last few decades I’ve spoken at huge (business) events and conferences around the world including London, Paris, Cannes, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Halifax (Canada), NYC, Atlanta, etc. I’ve also given eulogies, been a best man multiple times, and given awards. I’d love to share what works and what doesn’t when talking to any audience of any size. At home, work or school. Whatever. And mostly how to get the confidence to stand up in the first place :)
You are or want to work for yourself. Freedom. The potential rewards. You have an idea. A good idea. But where do you start? What’s necessary to get the idea in a company form, so that you can get paid for your idea. And make profits. Over the last three decades, I’ve set up a number of firms - and grown them into 7 figure revenue operations. From scratch. Through thick and thin. I’ve learned what matters, and what doesn’t. I’d like to share this with you.

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