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    In Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) we don't understand things, we get used to it! You are in college or high school (L, S, ES, STMG or STL) and you encounter difficulties in the disciplines of science in particular in mathematics, physics, chemistry or computer science (misunderstanding of the course, too hard exercises, methods of inappropriate work)? Do not let the gaps accumulate and opt for quality support. Well, become an artist in mathematics, physics or even programming now. With more than 5 years of experience in coaching private lessons and training workshops, I followed more than 230 students from middle school, high school, bac + 2 in Maths-Physics and Computer Science. Passionate about science, in particular math-physics-computer science and especially teaching, I decided a few years ago to collaborate with tutoring companies and private schools. Indeed, transmitting knowledge, seeing students evolving and following them during their schooling is a real challenge but also a real satisfaction. I flourish particularly in teaching and I know perfectly the school programs and teach from primary to terminal. Beyond the simple teaching of mathematics, I strive to establish a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere to encourage students to gain confidence. Such a working atmosphere and personalized support allow students to find the winning mentality they need to succeed. A pedagogue, attentive and enthusiastic, I offer simplified course materials as well as exercises and carry out regular assessments with the student and the parents to make a progress report. Methodology : My previous experiences have allowed me to identify in students with different profiles that the poor results in scientific subjects generally come from an inadequate methodology (not knowing how to read a statement, not knowing how to write mathematical reasoning ... ) and a lack of practice. As a trainer, I consider that my role is not only to teach the subject, but to give you the necessary tools that will allow you to progress sustainably and achieve your academic and personal goals. The first meeting aims to get to know the student starting from an analysis of their level, their strengths as well as their objectives, I define with him / her an educational strategy in terms of areas for improvement , working methods, frequency of lessons and supports used. On the basis of the observation, I establish with the student and his parents an educational assessment (concepts to be reviewed as a priority, work method, duration and frequency of lessons) aiming to best meet the student's objectives. Course of a typical session: The courses are generally structured in 5 stages: 1. At the beginning of the session, I check with the student if he has done the work (homework, exercises, ...) requested by his teacher and I answer any questions he may ask: course points poorly assimilated, errors not understood ... 2. From there, I take up with the student the points of the poorly assimilated course and I review with him the mathematical methodology: how to read a statement correctly, how to solve a mathematical problem. If the student has a check, I analyze with him his old homework on the table to analyze his errors and do better during the next check. 3. I ask the student to do several exercises so that he can put into practice the concepts seen in class and appropriate the working methods seen together. 4. Evaluate the student's understanding (direct questions, direct application exercises, validation of student cards). 5. each lesson session, a summary point including: at. The concepts to know and some typical examples b. The main points of difficulty of the student vs. Tips and strategies to overcome these difficulties 6. I give some exercises of a level of difficulty similar to those approached during the course to allow the student to review alone the concepts seen together and to assimilate his course durably. In case of difficulty, the student can at any time send me an email or call me so that I can help him from one session to another 7. Summary point - Report of the meeting a- What was done during the session b- What the student could remember c- What the student should do for the next session. A- Homework help point, partial, test, white bac: review the whole course, do one (or more) year (s) together, identify the pitfalls to avoid and the tips to know. Internships are also organized during the holidays to allow my students to further improve their performance and strive for excellence. Benefits / differentiation: 1- Free follow-up by phone (I would be available if the student has specific questions). 2- The course can reasonably overflow without problem 3- Patience and smile in all circumstances, proximity. 4- Orientation assistance. I can move home, otherwise I also receive my students in the study room of my residence. Interested? To all parents concerned about the educational situation of their children, do not wait until it is too late, contact me and take it in hand by reserving my lessons now!

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