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In Belgium French is one of the three official languages but is also a language used in several countries of the world. For children ranging from the first primary to the sixth secondary, I am ready to help you with your homework and the total understanding of your course. From grammar to literature to dissertation. For people whose mother tongue is not French, if you speak Arabic (from Morocco) or English, I am able to help you discover our wonderful language by going through all the necessary steps, but know that it will be a long-term work that will only work over time.
English is recognized as “THE international language” and I was able to learn it over time. A language used throughout the world in all walks of life. Whether you are children, students or French or Arabic speaking adults wanting to learn English, I am here to help you! If you are beginners, we will start everything from the beginning with structured lessons adapted to your level and type of learning. If you study English at school and find it difficult to keep up with the teachers, I will help you review the material and explain it to you in a way that allows you to understand all the nuances of the language.

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She is friendly and explains well to my son.

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