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    Trusted teacher
    The music and when listening to it makes us feel happy in general, so what if you are the part of making this masterpiece. One of the advantages of playing the piano is that it is the only musical instrument that allows a child to start playing it at an early age, i.e. 4 years old. The word piano is Italian and means "soft or thin", which is simply soft and gentle and does not require you to make much effort. You have to press the keys and they in turn knock on the metal strings and the sound is issued. I would like to point out that teaching music at an early age stimulates a child's brain in several ways that help him improve communication skills, visual and verbal. In addition to increasing IQ, improves math, arithmetic and counting skills, improves reading comprehension, encourages creativity, organizes time with practice, helps focus, patience and discipline when reading notes. The piano helps with self-esteem and self-esteem, expanding cultural knowledge, eye-hand coordination, strengthening hand muscles, improving rhythm and coordination, unconnected entertainment platform, changing brain structure and mental capacity and certainly helps reduce stress and anxiety and adds psychological comfort, happiness and love.
    More than 40 years of teaching experience. Educational level: A piano and solfege teacher, she holds a BA in piano from the National Higher Institute of Music in Lebanon (the conservatoire). And my method of teaching, as my students say, is professional due to the long experience mentioned above, especially with children, and therefore I can make them play this instrument with love and not as punishment.

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