My teaching method is as follows without the instrument: Awareness of the breath, placement of the mask (lips, tongue, palate, throat), body position. With the instrument: The air column, the position of the mouthpiece, the work and the position of the tongue. How to be enduring on the trumpet and get tired as little as possible. For the advanced: work on the treble, the brass section, precision, Cat Anderson's whisper g, the choice of mouthpieces, the piccolo trumpet. There are also balms to relax the facial muscles, flush out lactic acid, oxygenate the blood and reduce swelling. Subsequently or for the students who play correctly, we will work on the classic program of the technique with French and American methods, work of improvisation and decryption.

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Quelle joie de voir ses enfants motivés pour jouer de la trompette ! Grand merci Augustin pour vos cours très enrichissants et enthousiasmants !

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