Aptitude maths, one of the key skills needed to compete in fast moving ecosystem. The better your skills in Aptitude Maths, the better is your chances to excel in area which you are interested in. Aptitude Maths consists the basic numerical skills like Additions , Substraction, Divisions , Multiplication, Geometry, Areas, Volumes , Fractions, Percentages etc. Through this course , I am aiming to enable each student to do advanced aptitude maths in practical scenarios. Advantages of this course 1) Learning aptitude maths helps you in any area you are working in (Eg: Business Management, Data Science, Economics..) 2) It will enable you to do mental math, ie , independent of calculators. 3) It will make your life easier, ie you don't have to get stressed while you have to find 20% of 30% of 50. And many more....

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