Learning language needs practice and I offer myself to practice everyday activity as soon as possible for my timetable. To learn a culture is the best way to speak its language. I use my own methods to teach which I investigated during my studies on ELE and use my lingüistic skills maximum. - DELE - Expression Oral - Culture and Literature - ELE/L2 Spanish as a Second Language
As a person I always interested in languages, so I can easily understand and detect which methods can need my students to learn a language. Im ready to share my languages to everyone who wants to practice and learn. I always adapt myself to my students neccesity; working on expresión oral and communication skills or grammer lessons, as well. I can also adapt my timetable to my students, so there is no problem about flexibility. Living abroud makes me get better on communicating with people and also I believe that learning a new language is a good way to understand a culture and its customs, as well. Im a native Turkish and Spanish. I speak three languages fluently: Spanish, English and Turkish. Since 2014, I live in Spain that I became for my studies. I studied Spanish Language and Literature after my university degree I obtained my first master´s degree on Teaching Formation and Teaching Foreign Languages. Currently, I´m taking my second master´s degree on Comparative Literature and Literature Studies in Spain. As I finished my university degree, I started to work as a Spanish teacher in various public schools both in Spain and in Turkey. I also teach English for kids and adults at Intermediate Level. While I was studying, I had many students who wants to learn languages and I had experience to improve my comunication skills with my students by this way.
Hi everyone! I'm Armagan, a Spanish language teacher. I live in Spain since 2014 and I continue with my studies in my field to deepen my knowledge. After finished my studies on Spanish Language and Litrature in my country, I came up with the idea of moving from Istanbul to Spain to continue studying the language in its country. I have two official master's degrees at two different universities in Spain. Master's Degree in Spanish Language Teaching and Foreign Languages Teaching and the other is Master's Degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Studies. I hope to transmit my language skills to those who want to start or improve their level of Spanish

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