Arabic is a wonderful and beautiful language to learn. It is known as the most elegant written language with over 400 million people who speak the language as either a primary or secondary language. Importantly might I add, this language is vital for anyone practicing Islam as it’s widely understood as the key to understanding the religion as its scripture was revealed in the very language. Even for non Muslims learning the language can still be of great benefit as it can open up great business opportunities in Arabic speaking countries. •This course will be great for understanding Arabic texts such as the Quran, hadiths and even non Islamic texts. Lots of teaching opportunities can be granted from learning MSA (modern standard arabic) as not all Arabic speakers speak in the same dialect, and teaching the MSA dialect is on high demand. •Through my course you will come to know at first, basic Arabic vocabularies and we will touch on some grammar here and there to enable you to speak from a beginner to a native speaking level. All I ask is for anyone who is interested to lend an ear. •With my unique method of teaching you will quickly pick up new information from my lessons, whether it be tajweed or Arabic speaking. (Depending on what you wish to cover with me 1. Arabic reading with tajweed, or 2. Learning how to speak Arabic. This class is for speaking Arabic if you wish to learn how to read the language from scratch then please refer to my arabic reading class) Please also share this class with others so we can all benefit.
This class is for learning how to read the Arabic language in addition with learning Tajweed. We will go over a book’s curriculum from learning the Arabic alphabet to being able to read from anywhere in the Quran with correct pronunciation and tajweed rulings. (This class isn’t necessarily for understanding the Arabic language itself, if you wish to learn how to and how to speak the language then please refer to my other class on the subject).

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