Hello everyone after teaching for 6 years in private lessons and two years in a group in Germany, I now offer my services in France, for English and German. Graduated with a BA in Applied Foreign Languages English / German and having been active in the educational field for some time, I was also deeply interested in the effective functioning of learning (in terms of neuropsychology in particular). My most precious objective within the framework of my courses is to transmit the joy of learning (in my precise case, foreign languages but the substance of the concept does not stop at this specific area) and to create / s self-create while cultivating the mind. I thus draw on historical, cultural, philosophical and artistic resources by promoting student reflection and interest in oral, written and mental expression. Also a student in holistic medicine (integrative / alternative), I take advantage of this teaching framework to tackle themes aimed at improving the well-being of everyone through an awareness of their potential overflowing with talent, energy and beauty. I currently still teach my German students and will be available to teach online now (especially in the morning or on weekends) or face-to-face from the start of June in Montpellier. My services are not limited to any age group / level of study. I have so far acquired experience in business but also in groups of students from CE1 to Terminale. Ich freue mich auf Euch Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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