This course is intended for non-French speaking adults wishing to successfully complete their job interview in French. The duration of the course is scheduled for about a month with 8 hours per week and includes all the techniques and verbal / non-verbal strategies to make the candidate able to present himself effectively to his recruiter.
Practice leads to perfection Unless you learned to speak French when you were a child, it is difficult when you don't speak it fluently to pass for a French speaker. However, this does not prevent you from learning to speak it correctly, because it is well known that a language spoken with a foreign accent is an asset of seduction! Although it may seem complicated, learning a new language is always fun and beneficial, so it is important to practice as much as possible and above all not to give up. Take every opportunity you are given to speak the language and listen to French as soon as possible. And remember: practice leads to perfection!
✓A teacher who creates a positive bond with his students. ✓ Courses that play the card of motivation and action for teenagers. ✓Motivating materials that capture the attention of young people and activities that make lessons more dynamic.
My course is intended for non-francophone adults of all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Using a recognized and effective learning method like the Alter Ego method as well as all the specialized works in French as a foreign language, my course has a complete and varied content. All the didactic materials adopted during the course such as press articles, literature texts, films, audio media and others bring to class an optimal dynamic. Therefore, they offer a more practical approach to the language and understand all aspects of French and Swiss culture. Each daily class includes progressive learning of grammar, spelling, conjugation and vocabulary. Conscious of the importance of fluency in spoken language, I also devote a large part to speaking and conversation.
Experienced specialist in the field of didactics of French as a foreign language offers personalized and effective courses according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages to acquire: • excellent pronunciation • Flawless spelling • Vocabulary rich and adapted to all levels of language • Proper syntax according to the communication situation • Rules of address and politeness, • Regulation of relations between generations, sexes, statuses, social groups, with their specific markers, • Differences of register, dialect and accent, for example the rhythm of the voice. • Mastery of the speech, its cohesion and coherence, the identification textual types and genres, effects of irony, parody. The operation, the characteristics of the voice: Understand the mechanisms of the voice to better use it, place it, modulate it, be at ease in front of an interlocutor. Breathing: Work on abdominal breathing to acquire relaxation and concentration. Develop this breathing to be mentally available, gain vocal ease, in presence. Oral expression: Work on the different aspects of oral expression to be understood and listened to, to capture the attention of the audience. Master diction to position your voice, invest your speech and manage the flow of words Discover his vocal possibilities to modulate his voice. Non-verbal communication : The gaze, mirror of the audience: To accept to be looked at, to know how to put one's gaze and to correctly return one's speech. Refine your bodily perceptions and sensations necessary to maintain consistency between your gestures, posture and speech. Use non-verbal communication as an additional asset to convince Listening, improvisation: Learn to quickly mobilize your ideas, to structure your thinking to gain fluidity and avoid verbal rush. PEDAGOGY: A positive pedagogy that emphasizes strengths, provides a diagnosis personalized to participants. A method of involvement based on exchange, self-expression, role-playing, to reduce the effects of surprise and increase one's ease. Exercises from theater and singing techniques, from work on the spoken and sung voice, suitable for everyone. Practical arrangements : Duration: 1 hour

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Cours de préparation à l'examen DELF B2/DALF C1. Des conseils pratiques, une attention particulière à l'amélioration de la prononciation et à la correction des erreurs grammaticales ainsi que la patience du professeur et bonne ambiance sont garantis. Je recommande vivement !
I have been taking French lessons with Anne for 4 months now. I am an absolute beginner but Anne has been very patient and she helps me learn the language in an enjoyable way. I am busy with my work and often have to change my schedule. I really appreciate her for being understanding and flexible by accommodating my request whenever she can. It's also very helpful that she is very easy to reach. For the lessons, she makes me read and repeat a lot. It helps me get used to making the French sounds, which are not easy! It's great that she has a few different textbooks so we can pick and use the one that fits my level and my preference. I recommend her to everyone at all level!
I have been learning with Anne for almost 8 months now. I cannot even begin to thank Anne for her amazing teaching skills and how much she has helped me. I have struggled with French for years and I finally found a teacher who both pushed me but is also patient and accommodating to my needs. I was also hesitant at first to have an online teacher, but her teaching methods and skills actually made it easier that she was online, also in terms of managing my time and schedule with her, I did not feel that anything hindered my progress having her online. Her great personality and experience as a teacher overall further helped with my fear and difficulty in learning French, and having her as an online teacher. And finally, she has a great teaching structure and a curriculum and material (which was important for me) to provide for the student through structured classes, while taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Thank you very much Anne for everything.
I have been taking Anne's courses for about 3 months. The online courses have offered great flexibility and the experience is no less positive for me compared to in-person courses. In addition, it allows flexibility to take the courses during busy work hours. Anne is a great teacher who is very experienced in teaching French, who is excellent at helping me understand the language, and who gives me constructive advice in the process of learning French. I feel confident about my progress and I appreciate Anne's attentiveness and detail-oriented guidance during our courses.
excellent teacher, organized and patient

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