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Brazilian Portuguese classes for all levels, with Professor Ananda. Online classes taught in English or Spanish. Didactic material made by the University of Juiz de Fora (Brazil) containing interactive and objective approaches, focusing on the student's needs and time. Native Brazilian teacher, trained in English, has had experiences teaching languages in Brazil since 2014. Aulas de português brasileiro para todos os níveis, com a professora Ananda. Aulas on-line ministradas em inglês or espanhol. Material didático feito pela Universidade de Juiz de Fora (Brasil) contendo approachagens interativas e objetivas, com foco na necessidade e tempo do aluno. Professora brasileira nativa, com formação e inglês, tem experiências lecionando línguas e música no Brasil desde 2014.
Graduated in Guitar (Classical / Popular) by the Conservatório de Tatuí - Brazil, I have experience in Brazilian music and folk music, having worked as a teacher and interpreter in Brazil. I offer guitar lessons online and face to face, with a special focus on Samba, Chôro, Bossa Nova, the traditional Brazilian MPB and variant genres. Classes are aimed at people of all age groups without the need for prior knowledge. Will be approached in class the language of the genres with their rhythmic and historical specificities, studies of technique and musical theory. Classes can be taught in English, Portuguese or Spanish.

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Great teacher, both for guitar and Portuguese!
Muito bem! Ce fut un grand plaisir de suivre ce premier cours avec ce professeur. Très intéressant et avec de bonnes explications, et dans la bonne humeur. Je pense que ça m'aiderait beaucoup dans l'apprentissage du portugais brésilien. Je me réjoui de suivre les prochains cours..
Très bon professeur et agréable, j'ai beaucoup de plaisir à apprendre avec!

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