Whether you are in school and looking to improve your grades, or are just keen to learn some physics, I am here to help! Mathematics and physics are difficult subjects to learn on your own, but once enough effort has been put in and the right resources are used, they is a very rich structure to the subjects which can be very rewarding to explore, as well as very useful! An essential aspect of learning these subjects is learning how to discuss them properly, that means learning the language in which to express the ideas that one comes across. Whether you are learning Newton's laws, Quantum Mechanics or the methods used to solve simultaneous equations, the key is to become fluent in the language in which the ideas are expressed, so as to more easily understand, use and remember them. This is where I come in! I can help you in a few ways: 1) working through problem sets with you - practice is key! 2) by guiding you to the right resources 3) helping you focus on the key aspects of the subjects - there is a lot of information, filtering this can be hard work! 4) tips to make learning easier

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