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    Trusted teacher
    I want to do something different because I see the students are suffering from this crisis. They cannot go out and must wear the mask all day. They have stress attacks and don't know who to talk to. So I want to give them everything I know. I would like to teach them to do Qi Qong even from a distance it is possible :-), yoga and relaxation exercises, an introduction to the five elements and that can be found in the clothes at their own pace ( this part is intense and is not for everyone (it's up to whoever wants it). I want to create a space for them to speak and listen in kindness. I want to paint or play music. I can also sing to them especially in Greek it opens the heart. In short, lots of tools that are unique to me. Afterwards, my presence is sometimes enough and I adapt to my student or students. Children need moments of expression, relaxation, movement and concentration. I can also help adults. For more information, come discuss it :-). I can travel or by Skype as you want.
    Our senses are unique to everyone. I want to coach people who want to work on their depth. There is a saying by Yannick Noah that I really like who says: "Dare, give back to your life its true value, give back to this world all its colors." As a human, a hypersensitive, a writer, an artist, a painter, a music therapist, a scientist and a teacher, I wish to work on several areas that are dear to me such as feminine/masculine, the blocking of art, blockages in life, working on intuition, helping people to put an end to their bereavement, doing QiQong exercises to improve their health, giving health tips, giving tips for evacuating emotions. Any curious person can contact me according to their background and history, I will make a specific schedule so that your life is sweet. The accompaniment is there to allow the other to move forward. We are going to see what we can do to take charge of ourselves and to love ourselves more in relation to you. I have lots of tools I adapt them to the needs of the other. I work with children as well as with adults. Techniques used and more: -Qi Qong -Yoga - Eye Yoga -understand your body feel the energies - through the garment know his Profile: I am Autumn index Water, Air/Earth, Diamond/Circle. -I use my lightness and softness for you -work on the Karpmann triangle: victim-executioner-rescuer -EFT -Greek songs, KOTOTAMA, piano, music -Representation of the feminine and masculine in oneself -Work on drawing and blockages in the art itself - I accompany your grief -I use my oracles and my guides and totem animals for you -Work of our filters in us - Song in Greek -Work together with friends. We can do sessions together for you for very specific sessions

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