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    Trusted teacher
    I am a singer, musician, experienced for more than 8 years and I am a teacher of singing / vocal technique. I have a license in Musicology and a Masters in Composition of Music for the Image at the University of Lyon. I give private lessons in vocal technique in sung / spoken voice. My classes are aimed at both professional singers and beginners, actors, teachers, orators. You will discover and improve your vocal instrument. We progress at your own pace and in a fun way to move forward around your objectives, of course going through the key concepts, for example: - Discover new vocal possibilities in the bass and treble with greater ease and without tension. - Discover and appropriate the laryngeal mechanisms (chest voice, head voice), as well as access the mixed voice. - Develop resonance to gain power and freedom, enrich your timbre, play with it. - How to manage the breath and find the "right" vocal gesture in order to preserve the health of the vocal cords. - Discover the effectiveness of amazing exercises such as yodeling, twanging, improvisation, vocal games / sound effects, anchoring, letting go, Belting. - Learn to saturate slowly (if you wish) - How to manage your stage fright, tame it, Depending on your course, this may take precedence by awakening or anchoring bodily sensations (becoming familiar with them, becoming aware). Finally, thanks to exercises borrowed from vocal rehabilitation techniques, you will be able to sing or speak for a long time without tiring yourself in a healthy and comfortable way, recognize the signs of fatigue, protect yourself from it or even recover. If you want to learn to accompany yourself on the piano, this is also possible. Also audio and / or video recording of your songs, I have all the equipment you need! And since a course is better than a long speech, for everything else or for any questions, I'll let you contact me. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing from you. More than fifty students trained! * Visit my website to know the different movies, video games and advertising where I composed the music.
    I like to transmit music to adults and children who have never practiced or wanting to get back to the piano. Adaptation of works according to the tastes and level of each. With my courses you will know in a few weeks / months: - Read a score (learning notes and rhythm gradually) - Play songs (to immediately put the theory into practice) - Recognize all the chords (and know how to have fun without a score too!) - Understand musical language (to learn faster and retain longer) - Interpret a work - Improvise (you'll see it's very easy when you understand the music!) * Music theory is learned as the pieces are deciphered to leave plenty of room for practice. This is how a regular course works: - 10 minutes of music theory (it's necessary but don't worry, I'll make it interesting for you) - 10 minutes of technique (just to show off in front of the family and / or friends / girlfriends) - 40 minutes of practice of a piece (because it is the best way to learn while having fun). In any case, you will benefit with me from a framework to really advance on the piano and measure your progress, as well as a benevolence and encouragement to keep your motivation intact!

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