Master degree in Dutch linguistics, culture & literature, followed by a Master program at KU Leuven given all in Dutch. If you want to learn Dutch from scratch, improve your speaking, or focus on some specific language aspect, you are in the right place! Online or at a location
Do you need to improve your English- the International Business Language? Learning from scratch, or improving specific areas of language accommodation for any age group, help with homework, essays, focus on spoken, or written, professional/ technical language use
There are more than 40 million Polish speakers worldwide. According to the US Foreign Service Institute, you can learn Polish in just 44 weeks or 1100 hours. But, with the best learning methods, you can reach Polish fluency faster than this. I am a licensed Polish-for-foreigners teacher, with lots of experience in tutoring, and practicing at the Polish Language Institute, and with a Glottodidactica diploma. Happy to help!

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Skilled teacher, with appropriate material and flexible timing. A very nice learning experience.
Very good first lesson, well prepared teacher and lesson material.
Good teacher! Good material!

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