Music Production for Beginners ​ My personally designed Music Production course is aimed at complete beginners who have the desire to discover how to compose, record and produce their own music. The course is structured in a way that will enable you to make the style of music you love. It is ideal for aspiring composer’s, producer’s, musicians and sound engineer’s.   For this course you will have the opportunity to learn either Logic Pro or Ableton Live (GarageBand is also an option to get you underway), both are industry leading digital audio workstations (DAW). Each session is tailored to your personal interests and goals, exploring both the theory and practical applications of working techniques and practices, in order to provide you with a solid foundation of the overall production process. Lessons are held one-to-one to allow you to learn at your own pace and receive the resources and support you require. I will continuously keep track of and review your progress so that your objectives are always being pursued. Here is the overall course content: Which music software is right for me? An introduction to Music Production An introduction to using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Inputting MIDI – Piano playing & drum patterns Working with and editing audio Basic Synthesis & Sampling Recording & Mic techniques How to arrange your song Using effects and automation Basic music theory An introduction to Mixing Personal support and guidance throughout Create the music you love ​ Who is it aimed at? ​ This course is for teens and adults of all ages who are complete beginners. It may be for you if you wish to consolidate the knowledge you already have. Please see the Further Music Production course or contact me directly if you would like to discuss further.
Is your aim to learn the piano? Understand the nuts and bolts behind the music you love? Be able to play some of your most beloved music? ​ My personally designed courses will enable you to work towards your goals and explore the areas that interest you the most. ​ One-to-one lesson’s offer the opportunity for you to learn at your ideal pace and means that you are always at the focus of the content planned and delivered. My goal is to transform your ambitions into genuine attributes in order for you to be a well-rounded and proficient musician.
Specially designed music lessons aimed at young learners. My person-centred approach ensures that your child is learning at their own pace and exploring a varied repertoire of musical styles. My objective is for your child to gain a strong theoretical basis and prepare your child with the foundations they need to continue their personal development and progression in music. Music helps build courage, determination and discipline, as well as providing a creative and rewarding outlet for your child to express themselves. I aim to transform them into happy and skilled musicians who have the capabilities to pursue music further.

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Alex came across very well and was easy to work with explained everything I needed to know and spoke very clearly will be booking in more sessions .....Thanks Alex for my intro on Albeton

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