The center of my methodology is YOU. If there is one thing that I always like to insist on when presenting my lessons, it is that they are never the same. Why ? Because each time they adapt to the student's personality, which is unique. In this sense you can expect an educational path built around your personal interests, your professional orientation and your hobbies. In my courses you will quickly acquire good qualities in: * ORAL EXPRESSION: conversation is the fundamental basis of my lessons. First and foremost, we want to speak Spanish! * AUDITORY UNDERSTANDING: to speak you have to be able to listen! Thus, we will work on your hearing skills by speaking to you myself in Spanish on various themes and with audiovisual aids from other Spanish-speaking countries, to get you used to accents other than that of Spain. * TEXT UNDERSTANDING AND WRITING IMPROVEMENT: if what you are looking for is to improve yourself in the written format, we will work on it with texts and themes completely adapted to your interests. * 100% CORRECT ACCENT: because many of you want to see you through to the end of the matter, I will lead you to perfect diction of the language! These 4 fundamental points will be deepened more or less depending on your initial level and your objectives within the course. This is only indicative information. If you want to work just speaking, we will. If you prefer the written word, we will do that too. If you are preparing for an official exam, I will be there to help you. From DELE (any level) to Spanish LV1 / LV2 / LV3 of the baccalaureate, I have a wide experience that will allow me to help you pass them with ease by adjusting our work to the educational format of these tests. For those wishing to write a good cover letter, a CV or a simple document in Spanish, I also offer PUNCTUAL TRANSLATION and CORRECTION SERVICES. Having a wide experience in the Spanish labor market, I will give you the best tips to ensure you the position you are looking for. If you want a simple translation, my recent training in translation at the University of Montpellier will allow me to deliver high quality work. Each week, it will be tailored to your temporary abilities and your own personal goals.

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