Working in the field of accountancy, I offer courses in Accounting - Management Control - Labor Law - Finance - English applied to business and Economics for any college / high school student, student and adults wishing to improve their knowledge of the world finance and prepare for degrees in accounting, management, finance and economics. I adapt to the student's profile in order to develop his mastery of the subject and give him confidence in his abilities. Thanks to a gentle learning method, I really want the student to feel comfortable and free to talk about all the misunderstandings he encounters in order to resolve them together.

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Merci à Adélie pour le premier cours que nous avons eu. C'est réellement agréable d'avoir un professeur qui transmet aussi bien l'intérêt pour la comptabilité et surtout qui fait grandir en nous l'envie d'apprendre. Je souhaite faire de nombreux cours parce que je perçois déjà que je vais très bien progresser.

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