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    I graduated in Electrical Engineering and Electronics and Telecommunications at the University of Science and Technology(AGH). I will give tutoring in the theory of electrical circuits, electrical engineering and analog and digital systems. I provide additional materials. Welcome. Scope of assistance: - Electronic semiconductor components - Bipolar transistor - working point setting, small signal description, common collector, common emitter, common base - Differential amplifier - transition zone, polarization methods - Operational amplifier - circuits with an operational amplifier, negative feedback, non-linear amplifier application - Linear and pulse stabilizers - Analog electronic circuits - Digital electronic circuits - ADC / DAC converters - Current, voltage and magnetism issues - Non-isolated converters (boost, buck and buck-boost, SEPIC) - Non-isolated converters (flyback, forward, full-bridge, half-bridge, Push-Pull, Ćuk) - Resonant and ferroresonant converters - selective amplifiers - power amplifiers -stabilizers with continuous work - PLL phase coupling loop - network rectifiers - switching power supplies -high frequency technique and fast switching - Kirchoff's laws, delta-star / star-delta transform - Thevenin's theorem - loop potential method - the method of nodal potentials - methods of solving DC and sinusoidal current circuits, - crosses and filters - circuits containing magnetically coupled coils - operational amplifiers - transmission properties of linear systems - three-phase, - the phenomenon of resonance, - vector (phasor) charts of currents and voltages, - transient states - classical method I also provide assistance in the field of: - matlaba / simulinka, scilab, LTSpice, PSpice, Spice, Tina-TI, Falstad Simulator - Interfaces: CAN, I2C, SPI, UART - ADC converter - designing electronic diagrams in EAGLE, Altium. If you have any questions, write to me - I will answer up to 24 hours To facilitate cooperation, please include in the e-mail: - topics that I am supposed to help with, if you have tasks, you can attach them in the e-mail - since when you need help and for how long

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