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I also give private lessons to upper and secondary students. I adapt to the demand and level of each student. I can follow the school / university program or push beyond. I prefer a classical education: 1) understanding of the subject and its importance in the field of study or in everyday life 2) illustration by examples 3) exercises allowing to assimilate well and finally to master the subject I attach great importance to understanding and logical reasoning. I progress with the student by also making him work outside contact hours if he wishes
I offer mathematics classes for any type of level and age, up to the master level. I propose different types of courses: - Regular courses, to ensure a level. -Intense courses (over a few days / weeks) during which we will work several hours, in preparation for an exam or project. - Courses to prepare for the arrival in higher studies. My main goal is to help and support the student by offering theoretical courses, but also practical exercises to apply the theory together. I insist on concrete examples because, for many, theoretical mathematics are too abstract. I can also provide support to master / bachelor students having studies / data analysis as part of their writing. I can assist you for all types of mathematics courses: algebra, analysis, statistics, algorithms, logic etc ... Feel free to contact me for more details!
Computer trainer with several years of experience offers an individualized pedagogy on computer science in general or in Algorithmics and programming, My goal is to advance the student without overloading him. I give homework after each lesson and periodically provide progress reports. This course is for beginners and intermediate level students. The goal is to learn to programmed functions and to think like a professional in the field.
University professor offers support courses in: * Office automation initiation and improvement; * Microsoft Access Advanced; * Computer programming languages: C / C ++ / Java / J2E, ...; * CISCO CCNA preparation computer networks; * Diagnosis and maintenance of computer equipment; * Architecture of computers and operating systems:
Proposed fields: - C language - C ++ language - Merise - Databases and SQL - Visual Basic - Photoshop - Illustrator - Computer networks - Windows server - Algorithms - Applied math - Linux - Git and Github - Access vba - Excel vba - Html - Wordpress - Spip - Moodle - Computer troubleshooting - Woocommerce - Website design - Computer literacy

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Très bon professeur
Très bon professeur. Pédagogue, investi et patient.
1er cours Très bien . Je me suis inscrite à un autre cours.
I am very happy that Zen gave a good lesson to my son.

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