Grammar is one of the seven mental arts, which enables you to speak the language fluently and clearly. From grammar, morphology and grammar, which make it easier for you, the student, to build an eloquent language sentence. In these lessons, you will be able to learn the structure of the sentence and how to spend it, so that you can benefit from the grammar of Arabic, French and English.
Primary school children can choose between 7 levels and various kinds of mathematics exercises Operations (Additions.Subtractions. Multiplications. Divisions) - Problem Solving - Measuring and metric system exercises - Number guessing - Ordering numbers - Geometry - Maths games for kids - And best of all for your child - they are enjoyment learning and lowest price
Microsoft office is an office suite that works with fixed and mobile platforms. It is installed on a computer and provides a suite of software such as: Word, Excel, Power point, One note, Outlook, Access. You learn through these courses, how to process a text, knows many evolutions and sees today its possibilities extend thanks to power bi at the big date, to use the texts and the images the video to present a presentation. And also how to destine for note taking that can be used on a pc, and finally how to manage information.

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Bonsoir, je suis un élève de Abdelhak, je suis content et satisfait de la pédagogie utilisée. Merci encore. Bien cordialement
During my first long meeting via webcam with Mr. Abdelhak, I can assure you that you're in good hands. Mr Abdelhak knows what he is doing, he doesn't teach for the sake of teaching but he seems to love so much teaching and whatever I say you'll have to experience all this yourself. Carry Mr Abdelhak, you're doing great.

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