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Student of the Master of the Faculty of GSEM in Economics of the University of Geneva. The teaching of the Arabic language that I propose can focus in two different ways: learning classical Arabic and / or Arabic dialect syrup-Lebanese. The first approach is for people who want to learn the classical Arabic language. This is essential in order to understand Arabic literature but also Arabic-language media, which are exclusively in so-called classical Arabic. For that, we will base ourselves on the book of method of Inalco, which I possess, by learning the written and oral bases of this language and more for students having an already advanced level. A second approach is the teaching of the Syro-Levantine dialect spoken in Lebanon and Syria, understood throughout the Arab world. The course will be in contrast to the course of literary Arabic, entirely centered on oral, the Syrian-Levantine dialect Arabic being a mainly spoken language.

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Abboud has very custom made approach to teaching Arabic in a easy way. He is very helpful and I would surely recommend him

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