Illustrator is a powerful tool much used in communication and designing. Be it architecture, design, editorial design or graphic design, it is widely used to produce dynamic and high quality graphics, appealing to the eye. This course takes you through an easy yet important Walk though the software, it’s pros and shortcuts as well as some tips and tricks for better designing.
This course is a sneak peek into my daily meal plan and a guide to some of my favorite delicious yet super healthy recipes! I know how it’s really tough to shift to a whole different lifestyle when you’re busy but that’s why I’m here to help! I’ll take you through all my favorite tips and tricks and would also love to help you out with personal preferences of food, to get you on track in no time and with minimum effort! Join in as we cook together, and learn, enjoy and grow together every week, motivating each other towards a healthier happier you! :)
English is widely spoken around the world and hence is a very important asset. Adding a bit of flair to the language by adding to the vocabulary and pronunciation goes a long way and helps in daily interactions. Not only this, it also boosts confidence and creates a long lasting impression. This course comprises of weekly activities to keep the child’s mind alert and at the same time instill an interest towards reading, writing and speaking the language through fun exercises, making learning an enjoyable experience.

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