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Photographie - Retouche - Photoshop pour débutants et intermédiaires.
Photographe diplômée, je vous propose mes services autour de l'apprentissage de la photographie et de la retouche d'images. A l'aide de cours adaptés à vos besoins et à votre rythme, je vous apprendrai les bases d'une image réussie, ainsi qu'un perfectionnement dans le domaine qui vous intéresse. Je pratique la prise de vue depuis 2011, Photoshop depuis 2009, ainsi que d'autres logiciels de la suite Adobe.

Violin lessons with a professional and experienced teacher. All levels. COURS DE VIOLON POUR ENFANTS, ADOS & JEUNES ADULTES
COURS DE VIOLON POUR ENFANTS, ADOS & JEUNES ADULTES • Cours particulier, pour tout niveau et tout âge, dès 4 ans • Cours en anglais, allemand, polonais et français (notions) • Cours à domicile, région de Genève et de Lausanne FORMATION DE SOLISTE ▪ Académie Menuhin, Rolle avec Maxim Vengerov (dernière année) ▪ The Royal Academy of Music, London – MA avec la plus haute distinction ▪ Université de Musique F. Chopin, Varsovie – BA et 3ème cycle avec la plus haute distinction ▪ MasterClass : G. Pauk, Z. Bron, W. Marschner, G. Zhislin, M. Ławrynowicz, B. Nizioł, M. Jaschwili ▪ Lauréate de nombreux concours : 1er prix Concours International de violon Wolfgang Marschner, Prix Haverhill Sinfonia Music Award, Prix soliste et Prix spécial du Concours international Max Reger … EXPERIENCE D’ENSEIGNEMENT ▪ Université F. Chopin, Varsovie – Diplôme d’enseignement de violon, reconnu par le système européen de formation de Bologne (pédagogie, psychologie, méthodologie, cours pratiques, répertoire) ▪ 7 ans de cours particuliers, à Londres, Varsovie et en Suisse, enfants et adolescents REFERENCES ▪ I highly recommend Anna as a violin teacher. Anna taught my daughter as she started her violin studies at the Bron School of Music. It was important for us to find a skilled teacher with high standards and also a teacher able to communicate with children and teach musicianship. Ellen Wong ▪ Anna inspired my daughter a love for the instrument and for music altogether. We have no doubt that she will devote the same passion and energy to any musical pursuit she puts her mind to. She has our unreserved recommendation. Nici Audhlam-Gardiner ▪ I learned violin with Anna for around two years. I found her helpful and patient and we made good progress, so I recommend her. Neelan Thanabalasingam Hello, my name is Anna I offer violin classes for amateurs and professionals offered by international concert artist and Master of Arts, graduate at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Currently I am one of the soloists at the International Menuhin Music Academy in Switzerland. I have over 5 years of pedagogical experience with qualifications confirmed by a Teaching Diploma and references. I offer lessons for children of all age, can also help with the preparation of exams or simply discover the great pleasure of music through the violin. All levels. Languages: English, German, French and Polish.

English Lessons: Qualified, Native English Speaker
I am a native English speaker from Ireland. I am Montessori trained and TEFL trained. I have been teaching English to young students in France for many years and I have a great deal of experience. I specialise in preparing students for English written and oral exams but I also help children with homework and general spoken english. I generally teach from my home in Cannes but I am available to travel short distances. I can discuss times and location at a later date.

Spanish conversation lessons for a perfect daily speaking !
Bienvenido a clases de Español! My name is Carmen, i am 22 years old and i am a spanish-born speaker. I come from Zaragoza, a city in the northern part of Spain. For the passed 5 years i have lived abroad; this has given me such independence and the opportunity to learn other languages as well as get familiar with different cultures. Thanks to this experience i have become fluent in english and italian. I am currently studying Medicine international program in the wonderful city of Rome. I offer tutoring on spanish basic grammar, as well as one-to-one conversations. My main focus with this course is to help you improve your spanish in an efficient and fast way, through pure speaking and listening. I believe any language should be learned in the way we picked up our own; first, through pure listening then, speaking and then studying its grammar. Practicing your speech will not only rise your self-confidence when talking but will also give you the fluidity and pronunciation of a native speaker. I am also available for the youngster pupils attending school who want to enhance their language skills at an early age. I am looking forward to hear from you!

Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele and Music Tutor - Edinburgh
Hi, I am Mona, nice to meet you! I am a third year music student at the University of Edinburgh. I believe that music is powerful. It helps us to work through and express our emotions, as well as connect and communicate with others. I look forward to making music with you! Piano I have played the piano for over twelve years and I started giving piano lessons three years ago. I have taught children as young as five, as well as adults. I mainly play and teach Classical music, but also enjoy and teach minimalist music and film music repertoire. I also have an interest in and teach improvisation on the piano. Songwriting/Composition/Improvisation I use songwriting, composing and improvising daily to express myself. This is my favourite part of music - Expectations go by the wayside, we are in flow and in the present moment. I have taught improvisation to my piano students and I have collaborated with others in writing songs as well as composing. Music Theory/Music History I enjoy the academic and theoretical side of music, hence why I chose to pursue my music studies at University. I write music reviews and articles for the Student newspaper, and I am just starting to write for an online music blog. I continue to study and write about music for my academic studies and did so throughout school, so I can help you with your GCSE/A level music!

Cours d’anglais pour adultes et enfants / English lessons for adults and children
Vous désirez améliorer votre anglais ou encore découvrir la langue en leçon privé où en petit groupe a domicile? Contactez-moi! Do you want to improve your English or discover the language in private or in a small group at home? Just contact me!

20+ years experience in teaching and exam preparation (TOEFL, Advanced...)
I am a native english speaker that has been teaching english for over twenty years. I can coach you during the school year, help you prepare exams like IELTS, TOEFL, Advanced..., conduct group conversation classes and lot more. I also speak French, Italian and Arabic if you want me to teach in those languages. Hope to hear from you soon !

Learn How to Write Modern English Calligraphy from Beginner to Advanced
These days, calligraphy has become part of many things. From events to weddings, birthday celebrations, even personal things like journaling. Calligraphy is needed in many ways, from place cards to decorations, invitations to thank you cards. Work in calligraphy since 2013 and having taught since 2015, I have taught modern English calligraphy classes, watercolor calligraphy, to calligraphy on glass, from basic to advanced levels, from elementary school children to the general public. The final goal of the class is to make participants understand how to write calligraphy good and in a right way. If you have never touched any calligraphy, please don't worry. The beginner level is really starting to write calligraphy from the base, from one line to another. While the intermediate level is about recognizing and discovering the characteristics of each individual in each work, exploring each style in the modern English calligraphy. Entering the next level, we will start learning about flourishes and swashes.

Private English or German lessons for any purposes
~ Private English and German lessons from an experienced teacher in Munich ~ Hello everyone! My name is Nataly, and I'm a professional teacher of English and German with 8 years of experience. I have a Master's degree in teaching these languages as foreign ones and a diploma with honours. I offer private lessons or tutoring at my or your place as well as via Skype. In my work, I have obtained a number of techniques in teaching children, adolescents and adults, according to their age, potential and individual purposes. All of my lessons are always tailored to the needs of the student! I teach English (any aspects or purposes) from level A1 to C1 and German from A1 to B1. I choose different coursebooks with additional learning materials according to the aims of learning a language! I can speak English, Russian and German to my students. If I have aroused your interest, feel free to contact me via private messages for further information in English, German or Russian!

Relaxation Song with Ilaria. Discover your own voice and freedom of your body to express yourself. Use your voice for meditation.
Relaxation Song with Ilaria include: - Proper technique, get in touch with your diaphragm and your whole body. - Breathing and relaxation exercises - Using your voice: get familiar with your own voice - follow your heart beat: rhythm exercises - Musical expression: express your own voice and your colours - use the Voice in meditation. Ilaria is an educated music teacher from Saint Louis Music Centre in Rome, Italy and has over 10 years experience in teaching singing and piano to students at all levels and ages. Ilaria has a level 4 qualification in Music Education, and works as a peripatetic teacher for Camden Music Service teaching one-to-one and group sessions Ilaria has her own studio in south London where she leads various workshops including music for mums & babies, relaxation singing, foundation in music for children and music recording and performance. Ilaria also regularly performs in the UK and Europe with her original music projects - she has several years experience as a performer and backing vocalist for famous Italian artists and TV shows. This gives Ilaria a great background to teach expression and performance to beginners through to advanced students. Ilaria’s lessons have been evaluated by Camden Service’s observations and have been dubbed ‘Outstanding’. Teaching in vocals Ilaria teaches vocals for beginners and advanced of all ages.

Violin and Viola lessons in Bern or Ostermundigen for all levels
I offer lessons in English, German, French or Japanese for students of all ages. No musical experience required. I offer lessons on both Violin and Viola for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Repertoire can include popular music, classical, romantic, modern… & everything in between! Lessons take place at the Hochschule der Künste Bern (PLZ: 3006 or 3014). Please inquire for a sample lesson, lesson rates and scheduling questions. For more informations about me and my work please visit: www.naorohr.ch

Cours d'anglais général oral et écrit pour tous niveaux et anglais commercial.
Je suis licenciée en traduction anglais et italien + agrégée pour l'enseignement dans le secondaire. Forte de ma longue carrière dans l'enseignement supérieur, je crée mes propres leçons, toujours ludiques et inspirés de l'actualité. Je suis là pour l'élève et j'adapte ma méthode à ses besoins, offrant ainsi un suivi sur mesure et un véritable soutien à l'apprentissage et au perfectionnement. Je construis mes cours pour l'élève et, telle Mary Poppins, j'ai plus d'un tour dans mon sac pour l'intéresser. A partir de textes, vidéos ou chansons actuels, nous apprendrons les points de grammaire non connus et du nouveau vocabulaire. En fonction de ton niveau, nous choisirons des thèmes qui t'intéressent ou te concernent plus particulièrement. La leçon est taillée sur mesure, selon tes besoins et tes envies. Après une révision de ce que nous avons appris lors du cours précédent, nous découvrirons ensemble le thème du jour. Après une première approche, nous décortiquerons tout ce qui t'est encore obscur. L'objectif est d'arriver à une compréhension presque parfaite de notre texte/vidéo. Ayant travaillé de longues années avec toutes sortes d'élèves, je peux m'adapter à tous les profils.

Bonjour, Cours Particulier Anglais pour tout les niveaux!
Bonjours, je suis etudiants master en osteopathie, je vous proposes des cours particulier en anglais pour tout les niveaux petits et grands. J’ai pour habitudes de toujours faire evoluer mes eleves en contournant leur dificulter et en commencant par leur faciliter, a la clefs une progressions certaine en anglais. J’ai moi meme recus un bacalaureat avec une mention europeene anglo-saxone, expliquant mes qualités dans la matiere. N’hesitez pas a me contacter je me deplacerai avec plaisir.

Etudiante en master de psychologie/éducation propose soutien scolaire
Etudiante en master de psychologie et éducation à l'Université de Neuchâtel, je propose d'aider votre enfant. J'ai une expérience importante dans le domaine du soutien scolaire. Mon emploi du temps me permet une grande amplitude horaire. Je m'adapte à l'enfant et propose un soutien, une méthodologie pour qu'il réussisse au mieux dans le domaine scolaire. Toutes matières (excepté l'allemand) Région de Bienne ou Neuchâtel

muziek op maat: klarinet- en saxofoonles, muziekinitiatie, notenleer, ensemble
Speel je klarinet of saxofoon? Of speel je nog niets, maar zou je graag klarinet of saxofoon willen leren? Jullie kunnen bij mij terecht voor lessen op maat. Voor jong en oud, beginnende- en ervaren muzikanten. Wat ik bied: - muziekinitiatie- en notenleerlessen - individuele klarinet- en saxofoonlessen - samen muziek maken in groep Lessen kunnen gegeven worden aan huis, of hier in Maasmechelen op locatie. Je kan er voor kiezen privélessen te volgen, of je kan ook aansluiten bij de plaatselijke muziekvereniging. Voor meer info, aarzel niet om contact met mij op te nemen. Groetjes Barbara

Click the Chinese languange and Asia culture on/off-line with the help of an articulate and humorous native!
Hey! I am Yu-GU. Nice to meet you! This lesson can help you set out to learn how to speak Hanyu, read and write Zhongwen. For this purpose you will study Chinese alphabet (Hanyu Pinyin), characters(Hanzi), vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure and common words and phrases. If you want to learn the Chinese language, you've found the right class! +++NOTICE: Please always feel free to contact me for an intake interview, questions about learning materials and course design.+++ This course is designed in three versions for different kinds of participants: 1) A Beginner! - have little or no prior knowledge of the Chinese language; - want to learn how to make yourself understood in Chinese, when travelling for example, understanding and speaking common everyday words (and sentences); - hope to express 1-10 and some larger numbers in China in speech or by gesture decently. **Naturally, pronunciation and the four vowel tones are and important part of the lessons, but participants also learn the principles of Chinese writing and gain and understanding of Chinese culture! 2) An Intermediate Learner - have upper-intermediate knowledge of Chinese; - need to increasingly enhance our active language skills, to expand your vocabulary, practice reading without Pinyin, and master more advanced grammar and fixed structures to be able to make longer sentences; - interest yourself in being able to express your views on common everyday topics, like foods, drinks, gifts, weather, Chinese habits and common practice. 3) An Advance Learner - can speak and understand Chinese reasonably well; - attempt to deepen your understanding of Chinese culture and learn more advanced grammatical constructs to communicate more specific and complex ideas in Chinese, both verbally and in writing; - focus on topics dealt with leisure and hobbies, hospitality, culture, arts, potery, history, dynasties and civilization, of modern and ancient China. ***I have lived in China for over twenty years, travelled to many cites (including Hongkong and Macau), and was educated at respected schools and university. Currently I am studying Social Sciences in the Netherlands and I am a fan of Chinese literature/Japanese anime/Marvel films, so it's also welcome that you would like to have an informative and interesting talk in Chinese about these topics. +China captures the imagination with its fascinating contrasts. A modern-day global economic entity that proudly upholds ancient traditions. Definitely, a good way to start learning more about China is by taking Chinese! (K-12 Math tutoring class in English/Chinese is offered as well.)

Native French teacher with more than 20 years experienc and diploma Master give French and Spanish for kids and adults.
oAre you getting ready for that long deserved French vacation or Spanish holiday? Perhaps you are starting a business that requires a lot of travel and foreign language skills will make things so much smoother and easier? Or you just want to learn a new language so you can add an impressive skill to your resume but you think it might be too difficult to learn? Let me show you how easy it can be to learn French or Spanish. My name is Pierrette and I provide excellent French and Spanish tutoring for kids and adults based around London and Essex. I am A-Level and GCSE qualified with over 20 years of experience teaching French and Spanish. I create interesting lesson programmes and my material is based on your current skills. I will be more than glad to work with you to discover how beautiful French and Spanish languages are. I am very patient and friendly, and I will ensure to help you progress and become fluent in speaking French or Spanish. I can also easily help you with test preparation and essay writing, as well as, reading and homework. I enjoy teaching and I always strive to be the best teacher that I can be. Be more confident in speaking French and Spanish – give me a call now, and I’ll make sure to teach you in a creative way and make your learning experience an enjoyable one.

Cours de cornemuse avec ou sans solfège Région de Huy
Bonjour! Ce cours de cornemuse est fait pour les amoureux ou futurs amoureux de cet instrument. (Cornemuse Centre-France-Belgique/16pouces-Sol-do). En effet, la cornemuse ne concerne pas que l’Écosse, il y en a bien d'autres et sans le kilt. Si cela vous tente d'entrer dans ce nouveau monde musical, n'hésitez pas à me contacter! Je joue de cet instrument depuis de nombreuses années, et régulièrement pour divers évènements/concours. Je suis étudiant en Composition au Conservatoire royale de Liège, et en académie pour la musique ancienne. Je propose l'apprentissage de la tenue globale de l'instrument, de la méthode de jeu, des nuances, du répertoire spécifique, de la création en m'adaptant le plus possible aux envies musicales de l'élève. Je vous propose ici d’aborder le répertoire musical traditionnel de nos contrées, de la France en passant par l'Angleterre avec ou sans solfège. Je compose également des mélodies pour le travail à domicile en fonction des élèves. Je privilégie une première prise de contact avant un premier cours. Si vous avez la moindre question, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. A bientôt! Gautier

English Tutor, Test Prep, Reading and English Writing
I specialize in Tutoring English to beginners, intermediate and advanced students. I keep students challenged and not overwhelmed, I assign homework on occasion. I try to make the learning experience fun and keep the mind working. If you are a beginner theres no need to worry the class with be taught at your own pace since everyone learns differently.

Méthodologie / Cours de droit / Aide aux devoirs / Conseils et motivation
Je suis à disposition pour donner des cours de méthodologie, d’aide aux devoirs, je suis également là pour motiver l'étudiant dans ses études en lui donnant des conseils pour mieux réussir, mieux gérer son temps, le mettre dans des situations d’évaluation, d’examen afin de l’habituer et l’exercer, .....

Cours particuliers de français, anglais ou russe !
Ancien enseignant, j'ai plusieurs années d'expérience dans l'enseignement des langues française, anglaise et russe. Mes cours sont adaptés à tous les niveaux et à tous les âges. Je peux également vous préparer pour des tests ou examens et j'aime centrer mes leçons autour d'un jeu !

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Italian language and culture
Excellent, very polite, very organized and methodical. The course is very pleasant and fruitful.
Arvustas IOULIA T.
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Arvustas TIMON R.
French tuitions for expats
Laureline is well organized, experienced tutor. I like her teaching style. I would recommend her highly !
Arvustas KIHONG J.

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