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    Profesor fiable
    Music is part of our lives, so why not take a dive into learning and understanding it? I am offering 4 types of music lessons in English, Mandarin or French. The lesson type can be singular or mixed around for a global approach! 1. Cello, or Violoncello, for all levels and ages. Be it leisure or exam and competition focused, the lessons will be customized for each student. Progressively paced with a good mix of theoretical, and technical studies before expressions, music knowledge is definitely not a requisite to begin. Students will also have access to my music database with over 1000 scores, and free arrangements can be made for your level. 2. Music theory based on either the standard British / American theory or the French theory/ecriture system will taught. Here, you will learn how to better read and understand music concepts and its rules, and even eventually write your own works! 3. Solfege, or solfeggio training is a specialized aural training. It can be taught in either fixed or movable do to train for strong relative pitch, allowing students to 'hear' the music just by looking at the notes. This is especially useful for mastering sight-reading, transcribing and playing by ear! 4. General music is a class about the history and significance of music to humanity. From the birth of music as a mathematical idea in early Greek philosophy to modern film and game music, there is a plenty in between to understand how classical music developed, and who were the key contributors, and era defining works.

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