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7 yoga teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: *** To get treatment / therapy, contact me Reiki Master - Reiki Master / Teacher Level Prerequisites: Level 1 and 2 (At least level 2 must have been followed with me) DURATION In private (1 person) - around 8h (contact me to obtain the prices of private lessons) Small group (2-3 people) - around 8h Large group (4 people and more) - around 10h * Done in several blocks at your convenience ABOUT MY TRAINING I was trained in India by Master Reiki Shanti Ji. I am the eighth degree of my lineage - what we consider is "short lineage" therefore traditional and undiluted of the original teaching. My master, Shanti Ji has been practicing Reiki for 35 years. She lived for a long time in the community of Osho. And she had the chance to authenticate all symbols with Phyllis Lei Furumoto. The Master level gives the opportunity to become a teacher for all levels of Reiki and this through learning the procedures of all the initiations. This course is more oriented towards the quest for each one through learning and the inner journey of Reiki. As it is a more personalized teaching, this course is given only to people who have followed at least level 2 with me. CONTENT Introduction Teaching the Master Symbol Master Symbol Meditation First initiation - Master Symbol Teaching of the 3 levels of Reiki for transmission *** Obtain your certificate and you will have course notes Reiki is a holistic therapy, a gentle energy work method that helps to heal the physical, mental and emotional balance. Reiki means "Universal Life Force". This system allows a practitioner to easily channel this love energy and to pour it by a touch of light on the body. The practice of this technique allows to apply a natural vital energy in a systematic treatment that covers all organs of the body. Reiki is a therapy that helps relieve pain, fatigue, stress and emotional disorders. It calms the effects of all types of both acute and chronic diseases. A treatment can reload the body's energies and restore mental and emotional clarity as well as concentration. Reiki not only works to rid the body and mind of the symptoms of the disease, it also treats the root of the ailments. Reiki harmonizes and balances the body. The result is a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Reiki is a healing art developed in Japan in 1922 by a man named Mikao Usui. After practicing Zen for three years, Usui Sensei - who was searching for enlightenment - performed a 21-day fast on Mount Kurama Yama. It is at the end of this fast that he received enlightenment by receiving a very powerful spiritual energy. The techniques of initiation (Reiju) set up by Usui awaken and reopen the healing channel inside the practitioner allowing him to transmit the life force of life.
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Trusted teacher: Discover the Tridosha energy balancing series, a unique yoga series based on the principles of Ayurveda. This meditation in motion allows you to build strength and flexibility while maintaining a relaxed state. The Tridosha series works on your energy system (your prana) and not only your physical body. You meditate as you flow, cultivating relaxation in every situation. This type of yoga brings back to balance your hormonal system, calms down your nervous system and allows you to explore the postures without pushing yourself. All levels are welcomed, whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned practitioner. No need to be able to touch your toes to start! The class can either be held in my yoga space in Dietlikon, online or at your house (Zürich central/Dietlikon/Dubendorf/Oerlikon area). I speak fluent French and English and can teach in either language. I cater to your specific needs and can offer different series apart from the Tridosha. I consider every student as a unique being and the yoga I offer takes the whole individual into account. If you're looking for specific classes like "yoga for the back", "yoga for the hips", "yoga for a bubble but", I invite you to look for a more suitable teacher, this is not what I can offer you. I teach a whole system, taking my students as wholesome beings and not fragments of a puzzle. I give you the tools to cultivate your entire system, body, mind and soul. Apart from yoga, I can also give Ayurvedic walking massage. In traditional systems, massage is considered therapeutic and complements a physical practice, serving as a warm-up. I offer packages including a 30min massage session followed by a 1H/1H30/2H yoga class. I am a 500H certified traditional tantra yoga teacher from Shri Kali Ashram, taught under the guidance of Bhagavan Shri Shanmukha Anantha Natha. I was certified in 2019 and have been constantly teaching since then. I moved to Zürich in late 2020, where I am now teaching private students. I also co-founded the yoga studio Shri Kali Yoga Zürich in Dietlikon.
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Personalized Yoga Sessions (taught in English). Online and In-Person (Paris)
We are very pleased to have Megan guide us on our weekly yoga journey. Megan is a highly professional and talented yoga instructor. She provided us with sequences that can be performed by everyone while seated in an office environment. Every session was different and exciting and Megan never hesitated to incorporate any of our suggestions/wishes. The sessions were recorded outdoors with relaxing nature-view and the video/audio settings were up to standard. Thank you Megan, the soothing effects of these sessions are highly appreciated. Ali El Sayed President of Lengnau Culture Committee CSL Behring
Review by ALI
French, Organic Chemistry, or Conversational Japanese
The course was very nice! David is a very good teacher. He is very patient and attentive. He prepares materials for the class and makes sure the student is able to follow up his explanations. He is also a very lively person with whom one can have a very nice conversation. 100% recommended.
Vinyasa Yoga - Body Awareness Practice - Yoga philosophy (Amsterdam)
We asked Lucia to host an online yoga session for beginners as a work event. Lucia delivered an excellent session where all participants had only positive feedback to give! Her yoga session was really informative, well-guided and relaxing, exactly what we were looking for. 10/10
Review by YAHIA