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Trusted teacher: Overcome your fears and unlock creative inspiration to finally get to the end of your writing project. Let yourself be guided and finally realize your dream of writing. ➤ Overcome your fears. ➤ Discover the secret to writing 100% fun and 0% blank pages. ➤ Awaken this writer's flame that has been dormant in you for a long time. ➤ Build unwavering legitimacy and overcome the fear of failure, lack of time and procrastination that keep you from moving forward. In short, put an end to the fear of writing! Isn't it difficult to be consumed by the desire to write your project and not succeed in doing it? Break forever the insurmountable wall that prevents you from writing today. It is a matter of combining improvements in form with improvements in substance. For this, the sessions can for example take place according to your needs as follows: a) Comments / proposals on the text that you will offer me b) Writing exercises based on a statement. c) A series of precise and pragmatic recommendations and their application through style exercises. Whether it is a novel, an essay, song lyrics, various texts, a biography or simply a report for professional or school purposes, it is about offering you elements personalized pedagogy: - Study your text - Build text, song lyrics etc - Calmly polish the style - Research and develop your lexical fields - Differentiate between writing for oneself and writing for others All this by combining theory and practice: Writing work from exercises then as part of a personal project. During the sessions, you are guided in your writing project. The trainer accompanies you and teaches you the preparation method, gives you writing tools and helps you work on your style and your imagination. The objective is multiple, including a reflection on one's own literary path, an introduction to the basic tools of style work and exercises on description. Learning objectives: - Identify your writing path. - Mobilize your imagination. - Learn and master the practical writing tools. - Broaden its reflection on creation and professional and personal writing. - Create and develop one or more projects. Trained in a European Grande Ecole & Ivy League University in the United States, specialized and has been working in Europe and North America for more than 16 years in this field, in reputable international institutions , also intervening in forums and conferences. - Locations: Geneva - Lausanne - Friborg - Neuchâtel - Montreux - Basel - Sion - Sierre - Morges - Bienne. But currently and until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. These sessions, for which you have asked me, also seem to be perfectly unanimous since they arouse a certain enthusiasm (and a certain enthusiasm). Indeed, they have the advantage of face-to-face sessions (ex: quality of the interaction), without its disadvantages (ex: loss of travel time) with additional advantages (ex: the entire session transcribed in writing on the chat). That is why, at your request, I continue to offer this option. À la carte: evaluated and adapted to each personality.
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Audrey - Paris$30
Trusted teacher: Bonjour je m'appelle Audrey ! (English version bellow) Je suis étudiante en relations internationales et en langues étrangères chinois à l'INALCO. De par mes études et ayant beaucoup voyagé je sais à quel point apprendre une langue étrangère peut être difficile à maitriser et certains paliers à dépasser. Surtout, j'ai remarqué qu'il est difficile de se faire confiance dans une langue qui n'est pas la nôtre. C'est pourquoi je vous propose mon aide ! Native française, je suis originaire du Poitou Charente dans l'ouest de la France. J'ai eu l'opportunité de beaucoup voyager lors de mon adolescence et pendant mes études particulièrement en Asie. Je réalise actuellement ma dernière année de master à Paris. Depuis plusieurs années, j'ai pris l'habitude de donner des cours d'anglais à des enfants mais aussi à des adultes , de tout niveaux. J'ai ainsi accompagné des Coréens, des Iraniens, des français etc. J'ai comme objectif que vous preniez plaisir à apprendre l'anglais et à atteindre vos objectifs. Le cours sera donc totalement personnalisé et s'adaptera à vos besoins et à votre centre d'intérêt. Je vous ferais également découvrir la culture au cours de nos leçons (sujets d'actualité, moments forts de l'année ect) car pour apprendre une langue il faut comprendre la culture du pays. Mes cours auront comme objectif de vous faire travailler les cinq compétences : expression orale, écrite, compréhension orale et écrite, grammaire. Bien entendu si vous ne souhaitez travailler que sur un aspect en particulier cela sera possible. Nous pouvons utiliser le matériel que vous possédez ou nous pouvons également travailler avec les ressources dont je dispose. À votre demande et en fonction de vos besoins je pourrais vous donner des devoirs pour poursuivre vos efforts en dehors de nos cours. N'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions. Je serai heureuse d'échanger avec vous sur vos attentes, vos objectifs et ma méthode de travail. Au plaisir de vous aider dans votre quête de la maitrise de l'anglais. À bientôt ! Hello my name is Audrey! I'm a student in international relations and Chinese foreign languages at INALCO. Because of my studies and having traveled a lot, I know how difficult it can be to learn a foreign language and how difficult it can be to overcome certain levels and to be confident in a language that is not our mother tongue. That's why I offer you my help! I am a French native from Poitou Charente. I traveled all around the world when i was a teenager and a young adult especially in Asia. Now i'm finishing my studies in Paris. For several years, I have been teaching English to children and adults of all levels. I have accompanied Koreans, Iranians, French etc. My goal is that you enjoy learning English and reach your goals. The course will be totally personalized and adapted to your needs and interests. I will also introduce you to the culture during our lessons (current events, highlights of the year, etc.) because in order to learn a language you need to understand the culture of the country. My classes will focus on the five skills: speaking, writing, listening, reading and grammar. Of course, if you wish to work on only one aspect in particular, this will be possible. We can use the material you have or we can also work with the resources I have. At your request and according to your needs I can give you homework to continue your efforts outside of our classes. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I will be happy to discuss with you your expectations, your goals and my work method. I look forward to helping you in your quest to master the English language.
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Heejin - The Hague$36
Trusted teacher: Are you interested in learning Korean but unsure of where/how to begin? Have you been using Duolingo but still finding it challenging? Are you planning to study abroad and need to prepare for the TOPIK exam? Are you interested in learning about authentic Korean culture, history, and more? If so, you've come to the right place! 안녕하세요.Hi. Привет! I am... 1. A native Korean, Hold a national teaching certificate / master's degree in Korean as Foreign Language. 2. Have over 4 years of online/Offline teaching experience 3. Use different study materials such as music clips, media clips, textbooks, news articles. 4. Proficient in English. 5. Overseas news reporter for Korean news companies. 6. Have a deep understanding of diverse cultures and languages as I have been living 8 different countries. I am a native Korean currently live in The Netherlands. I obtained a teaching certificate/ master's degree in Korean as Foreign Language and teaching various people in different places since then. I also write news articles about The Netherlands for Korean news companies - 'Asia Today News'. I am passionate, interactive, patient, and most of all - love to teach! ::: How do I teach? During the sessions, I use different study materials such as music clips, media clips, textbooks, news articles, and my students love these! ::: Who are the students? My students are varied. From total beginners to advanced, K-pop lovers, potential travelers to business professionals. ::: Open-minded, cross-cultural background teacher. My own experience as a ‘foreigner’ in S.E Asia, Central Asia to Europe over a decade gives me a great understanding of different cultures and people. ::: I feel your struggle! I speak Korean, English, and Russian and DO understand the difficulties of learning a new language! I give examples between Korean and students' language and help them to understand Korean a lot easier. ::: Custom-made sessions. I focus on each student's goal/ personal level and the session could be TOPIK preparation, a mix of grammar/speaking/vocabulary, K-pop lyrics, or high-level business conversation. Study with me and improve your Korean!
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Claudia - Vaughan, 08$24
Trusted teacher: These are the things I can do for you or you can learn with me. Content and Copy Writing * Conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics in order to develop original content. * Developing content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website. * Assisting the marketing team in developing content for advertising campaigns. * Proofread content for errors and inconsistencies. * Editing and polishing existing content to improve readability. * Conducting keyword research and using SEO best practices to increase traffic to the company website. * Creating compelling headlines and body copy that will capture the attention of the target audience. * Identifying customers’ needs and recommending new content to address gaps in the company's current content. Creative writing * Developing story ideas based on client needs and market trends * Writing scripts for radio commercials, television advertisements, or other types of advertisements * Editing articles, books, brochures, or other written materials * Conducting research to gather information about a topic, organization, event, or another subject that may be covered in an article or other written material * Developing characters, settings, and plotlines to create stories or scripts for movies or television shows * Reviewing and editing content for spelling, grammar, and factual accuracy * Converting text from one format to another, such as from a draft document to a final publication * Developing marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, catalogs, and other promotional materials * Writing and producing screenplays for television shows or movies.
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English and/or French (literature, grammar, conversation etc.) (Paris)
Melinda is an excellent tutor and I've been completely satisfied by our clases. Melinda took care to understand my learning objectives before structuring are classes around natural conversation, reading, writing, and pronunciation. In particular, she prepares good (and interesting!) learning resources - Including new articles, film clips, and customised exercise sheets. While she speaks English fluently, she manages to teach in a clear and patient manner, meaning she rarely needs to switch to English to explain concepts. Beyond her talents as a teacher, she's incredibly friendly and personable. She's also shown a lot of flexibility regarding class scheduling. For reference to future students: I am a native English speaker learning French as a second language. I had an OK grasp of basic French before starting classes, but lacked both familiarity with grammar and confidence in speaking. I've had several lessons with Melinda and have experienced a clear improvement in my level and I will continue on a regular basis.
Review by STEVE
Private lessons: French and literature (remediation + preparation) possible online (Gouzon)
I look forward to my lessons, they did an excellent job at immersing me from day one. I had some basic understanding of composition, vocab etc. and they immediately matched my level of understanding. I don’t feel any time is wasted. Within two minutes of meeting with my tutor, we began learning. I am super impressed by Emna and hope to continue my learning until I am fluent. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Review by GABRIELA
Tutoring Mathematics B, Mathematics A, Physics, Dutch, biology, economics, etc., for VMBO, HAVO and VWO (The Hague)
I have been having lessons with Femke for a couple of months now and I am very pleased with my progress. Not only have I progressed in vocabulary and knowledge of the language, but I have also grown more confident to speak Dutch where I can in my day to day life - something that really helps to boost my learning. I would recommend learning with Femke to anybody who is interested!
Review by DAN