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Trusted teacher: I Teach Thai Language to Foreigners Because I Love to Teach ! I also have a genuine love of helping people attain their language goals, thereby helping them to make the most of their visit to Thailand and their interactions with our Thai people in a wide variety of situations. And it gives me great delight to observe my students improving and progressing their skills in direct response to my teaching style. I believe my experience in teaching and working with foreigners, my approach to these tuition classes, my flexible availability and my prices combine to offer you something unique and special in Chiang Mai. More than 10 years Thai language tuition experience Soft and patient manner Tuition style adapts to student skill Flexible with class days, times and locations Modest fees and discounts for couples & small groups People’s skill sets, personalities, objectives, learning rate all vary Some people learn quickly, others are slower and need more help Accordingly, I tailor my approach to each individuals’s abilities Classes are a mix of structured content & relaxed interactive sessions Together we look at Thai culture, manners, traditions and cuisine Learning materials are current and carefully selected for each student No fixed pre-scheduled classes Instead, flexible lesson times, to mix into your own schedule 7 Days, Monday to Sunday, 8:00am – 6:00pm (in person) Your house, condo, hotel, guest room, coffee shop or online My focus is tutoring with individuals and small groups only Smaller groups = more time per student Easier to cater for different student abilities
Thai · Tutoring · Culture
Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Kay, and I live in Seoul, Korea. I have a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and a Master’s degree in International Development. For several years now, I have taught Korean to many foreign friends. As a certified instructor, I can effectively teach any level of the Korean language, and provide the tools and habits to practice it. If you are a beginner, we can start with Hangul, the characters of the Korean alphabet. For intermediate learners, I can help you expand upon your Korean through personalized lessons. This class will enable you to: - strengthen foundational Korean language skills in all the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. - communicate a variety of essential topics with others, including greetings, family, friends, food, phone calls, daily activities, etc. - learn grammars easily with thorough explanations and abundant examples and exercises. - understand diverse Korean culture and customs. * Class content may be different depending on your goals, levels, experience, etc. I believe mastering a language can be achieved by using it as often as possible in your daily life. This class not only provides the knowledge you need to speak Korean properly, but also enables you to practice your Korean in a diverse, real-life situations. As a native Korean who was born and raised in Seoul, I will guide you by using modern vocabulary and natural expressions that Seoulers actually use in their daily life. And If you choose to have in-person sessions, I’d love to share my knowledge of local places with you. We can make our class fun together! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or would like more information. We can discuss how to personalize the class for you.
Korean · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: We offer variety of Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA; Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing) course programs. The course programs will be tailored for you who want to develop your ability to communicate in Indonesia for personal, social, or business purposes. Our Indonesian language resources are structured where you can learn more about Indonesian culture and people as well as the language through topic-based lessons. The lessons will be delivered in Indonesian and English language if necessary. We also can provide Indonesian course delivered in Japanese, French and German language. Customized Indonesian Lessons This program will be adjusted based on your needs and request. As we offer flexible programs, you can also choose what you want to learn. We can create a bespoke material based on your request. You may also request to focus on improving specific skills, i.e. reading, writing, conversation. Indonesian Language Lessons for Beginner Level This program is suitable for new comers in Jakarta. In this program, you will learn self-introduction, numbers, pronounciation, how to ask and answering questions, tell time and date, give directions, order food in restaurant, negotiate, shop, etc. The total of this course is approximately 30 hours and it will depend on your learning progress. Indonesian Language Lessons for Intermediate Level This program is for you who have familiarity with the Indonesian language and are able to maintain general conversation. You can expect to deal with wider range of topics after the completion of the program. The total of this course is approximately 25 hours and it will depend on your learning progress. Indonesian Language Lessons for Advanced Level In this program, you will develop your understanding of Bahasa Indonesia by using topics you have learned in intermediate level and you will learn Indonesian in more technical language. This course is suitable for you who want to further develop your Indonesian skils. Indonesian Private Lessons for Travellers or Short Term Visitors This program is designed for travellers, or short term visitors who want to be able to communicate with locals when they are in Indonesia. They will learn basic survival Indonesian language in this program. Online Indonesian Course If you do not have time to come to a language course or meet in person for lessons, we are available to provide online Bahasa Indonesia lessons for you. The materials will be sent via email before the lessons start.
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Maths and Statistics Tutoring (Dissertation and Paper Tutoring) (Beijing Shi)
Cunyi was a great teacher. Explained the concepts very clearly and helped me work through the calculations step by step. Her English is excellent. I am very happy to recommend her.
Review by MASOUD
Daily Task/ English Words Everyday.... 😊 /Questions. (Tambong)
I highly recommend Jeany, she is a great teacher. She is helping me to improve my speaking skills, my pronunciation and to feel comfortable with English.
French or English lessons (for young children to teens) (Bangkok)
She is a very good teacher and the kids like her so much.
Review by TONY