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Kay - Seoul$26
Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Kay, and I live in Seoul, Korea. I have a Bachelor’s in English Literature, and a Master’s degree in International Development. For several years now, I have been teaching Korean language. As a certified instructor, I can effectively teach any level of the Korean language, and provide the tools and habits to practice it. If you are a beginner, we can start with Hangul, the characters of the Korean alphabet. For intermediate learners, I can help you expand upon your Korean through personalized lessons. This class will enable you to: - strengthen foundational Korean language skills in all the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. - communicate a variety of essential topics with others, including greetings, family, friends, food, phone calls, daily activities, etc. - learn grammars easily with thorough explanations and abundant examples and exercises. - understand diverse Korean culture and customs. * Class content may be different depending on your goals, levels, experience, etc. I believe mastering a language can be achieved by using it as often as possible in your daily life. This class not only provides the knowledge you need to speak Korean properly, but also enables you to practice your Korean in a diverse, real-life situations. As a native Korean who was born and raised in Seoul, I will guide you by using modern vocabulary and natural expressions that Seoulers actually use in their daily life. And If you choose to have in-person sessions, I’d love to share my knowledge of local places with you. We can make our class fun together! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested or would like more information. We can discuss how to personalize the class for you.
Korean · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: SERVICES I can offer my assistance with Statistics, Mathematics, Econometrics and Data Analysis/Science and other Business-related subjects (with coding and programming if you are interested in it). I understand that there are different kinds of learning methods, so as long as you can find your style and the appropriate method, I believe that you can get twice the result with half the effort. I have been told to be good at breaking down complex scientific concepts, explaining them in diagrams, and also relating them to their uses in our daily lives. I can help you to understand statistics, mathematics and econometrics (linear regression, forecast modelling, statistical modelling, advanced statistical modelling, AP statistics, quantitative methods, analysis, linear equations, inequalities, quadratic functions, sequences, vectors, geometry, trigonometry, logarithms, differentiation, integration, linear algebra, matrix transformations and so on) as well as introducing you to the fast-growing field of Data Analysis and Data Science. - Mathematics - Statistics - Probability - Linear Regression - Statistical Modelling - AP Statistics - Linear Algebra - Arithmetic - Game Theory - Analysis - Calculus - Geometry - Trigonometry - Data Analysis/Science - Modelling - Forecasting model - Time Series Analysis - Inequalities - Matrices and Vectors - Quantitative Methods EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION -- PhD graduate in Finance, with 5 years of research experience and scientific contribution in the field of empirical asset pricing with focus on equity factor models, machine learning for asset pricing, regime switching models, sentiment analysis, and portfolio construction - Freelance tutor and consultant in Finance, Data Science, Python, Statistics, and Econometrics for 3 years with 1500+ hours delivered to 150+ students and customers internationally - Former financial analyst with 4 years of experience in design and realization of prototypes of several financial algorithms of a proprietary software for portfolio management, analysis, and consulting - Experienced in written and oral communication to various audiences, from academic students to financial industry leaders and professionals through reviewing, editing, teaching, consulting, and oral presentations - Former University Teaching Assistant, strong analytical background with extensive classroom and online teaching experience, MSc in Quantitative Finance, Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance - Excellent material available including slides, videos, tutorials and reading material. Extensive experience in research methods and software including Python, Jupyter notebook, Matlab, Sas, Stata, R, SQl/Oracle and Excel. - I thoroughly enjoy helping others, as my patience and friendly nature makes it easier to be in an educational environment. - I have learnt to adapt to different needs and learning styles according to the student, in order to optimise their success in turning their weaknesses into strengths. - I'm patient, friendly and understanding. I am proficient in research and development and it’s my day to day work. I am a photography enthusiast and an insatiable learner. KEYWORDS Mathematics | Statistics | Statistics | Data Analysis | Programming | Python | Pandas | Excel | Powerpoint | Matlab | SQL | Assignment | Project | Thesis | Dissertation | Presentation | Essay | Paper | Research Proposal | Case Study | Research Paper | GREETINGS My goal is also to inspire further study that will lead to an interesting and successful career. If you need further information about myself or my services, please do not hesitate to contact me. Feel free to send me a message and I'd be happy to give you an informal consultation. Feel free to contact me. Thank you for looking at my profile and hope to hear from you soon, Andrea
Statistics · Math · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: Living in Tunisia, but unsure about the language? Say goodbye to language barriers and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Tunisia with our exciting online course. Tailored exclusively for non-Arabic speakers living in this enchanting North African land, this is your key to unlocking a world of rich experiences. 🌍 Explore Tunisia Like a Local: Connect with the local community, build meaningful relationships, and navigate the bustling markets with confidence as you master the Tunisian dialect. 🗣️ Practical Conversations: Learn essential phrases, colloquial expressions, and daily vocabulary used by Tunisians in a fun and interactive way. No more feeling lost in translation! 🕒 Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Fit your learning into your busy schedule. Our online lessons allows you to study from the comfort of your home or any convenient location, making it easier than ever to master the local dialect. 🌟 Elevate Your Tunisia Experience: This course is your gateway to a deeper connection with Tunisia. Embrace its rich heritage, communicate effectively, and make lifelong memories in this captivating country. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the true essence of Tunisia. Enroll now, and let the magic of the Tunisian dialect open doors to unforgettable experiences and connections in this beautiful Mediterranean destination! Whether you're an expat, a traveler, or a language enthusiast, this course is designed to help you communicate effectively in everyday situations and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Tunisia's unique culture.
Arabic · Culture · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: Your French Classes in Beijing Are you ready to embark on a language journey to discover the beauty of French? Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your existing skills, my one-on-one French tutoring sessions are designed just for you! Who Can Benefit? My classes are open to anyone interested in learning French. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or simply a language enthusiast, my tailored approach will help you achieve your language goals. Flexible Learning Choose the learning format that suits you best. My classes are available in person in the Haidian district of Beijing, allowing you to immerse yourself in the language. Alternatively, I offer online sessions via Skype, WeChat, or WhatsApp for added convenience. Sessions typically range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, offering flexibility to fit into your busy schedule. Conversation-Based Learning My approach is conversation-based, focusing on real-life communication. I believe that the best way to learn a language is by speaking it. Through engaging discussions, you'll build confidence in your speaking and listening skills. No Materials, Just Conversation No need for textbooks or workbooks. My classes are material-free, centred around authentic conversations that bring the language to life. Whether you want to improve your conversational fluency, work on pronunciation, or discuss specific topics of interest, my sessions are tailored to your needs. Experienced Native Instructor I am a native French speaker with fluency in English, ensuring clear communication and effective guidance throughout your language journey. Flexible Scheduling I understand that life can be hectic. That's why class scheduling is flexible. Discuss your availability with me, and we'll find a suitable time that works for you. Start your French language adventure with me today. Contact me to book your first session or ask any questions you may have. Let's explore the world of French together!
French · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone! My name is Wendy, I am French and I would love to help you learn this exciting language! I am a Curator and Restorer of Sculptures, and I am settling in Kyoto to train in Japanese craftsmanship and learn your magnificent language. I spent 1 year in England and I frequently gave French lessons! I noticed that I really liked sharing and contributing to the learning of my students. Through discussions, help with homework, learning new vocabulary, I will help you improve together! I'm also learning a foreign language, so I can easily understand the difficulties of learning a new language. I offer French lessons for beginners, intermediates and people with an advanced level. I can also help you in English! Looking forward to learning with you! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks and hope to see you soon! Wendy ------------------------- こんにちは皆さん! 人です。このエキサイティングな言語を学ぶのをぜひお手伝いしたいと思っています。 私は彫刻のキュレーター兼修復家で、日本の職人技を学び、素晴らしい言語を学ぶために京都に定住しています。 私はイギリスに1年間滞在し、フランス語のレッスンを頻繁に受けていました。私は生徒の学習に共有したり貢献したりするのがとても好きなことに気づきました。 ディスカッション、宿題の手伝い、新しい語彙の学習を通じて、私たちはあなたが一緒に上達できるようお手伝いします。 私自身も外国語を学んでいるので、新しい言語を学ぶことの難しさはよくわかります。 初心者、中級者、上級者向けのフランス語レッスンを提供しています。 英語でもお手伝いします! 皆さんと一緒に学べることを楽しみにしています! ご質問がございましたら、お気軽にお問い合わせください。 ありがとうございます。 またお会いできるのを楽しみにしています! ウェンディ
Grammar · Tutoring · French
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Learn Korean and Experience Korean Culture with a Qualified Teacher as a Seouler (Seoul)
This is my first trip to Asia and South Korea. Meeting and getting to know Kay is a gift from heaven for me. Kay is such a wonderful, warm, bright, considerate and open minded teacher and friend. Kay was there for me and with me from the first moment we met in Seoul. She has helped me with handling so many aspects in daily life more than I could ever have asked for. Kay's classes are very interesting and motivating, well organized and lots of fun - a great learning experience. She always pays attention to my paste while studying Korean together. Kay has especially prepared a program for me, so I am not only able to experience the language but also many other aspects of the Korean culture and living. Some experiences/moments we have shared together: - Cooking some Korean dishes - Eating Korean food (Kay took me to restaurants which I would never have been able to find on my own) - Listening to Korean classical music during two concerts - Visiting Seodaemun, Museum of National History - Wearing a Hanbok, the Korean traditional costume I can recommend Kay to anyone not only wanting to learn Korean but more so experiencing the Korean culture and living. I am and will always be grateful to have been able to meet and cross paths with Kay.
Review by CARMEN
Cours d'allemand pour tous les niveaux à domicile ou en ligne (Tunis)
I recommend Khalil without a doubt to anyone looking to improve his/her German level in both writing and speaking. He is a very professional, structured and knowledgeable teacher. He was able to immediately evaluate my level of German during the very first lesson and adjust the teaching methodology and materials accordingly. I am truly impressed with his patience and dedication towards teaching the proper German pronunciation with all its complexities and difficulties as well as the proper rules when it comes to grammar and language. We also had lessons using Skype which is also a good option for those who have a limited amount of spare time or are too far apart from the teacher. It is obvious that Khalil loves what he is doing and is willing to put all his effort into his passion. I wholeheartedly recommend Khalil for anyone wanting to learn the language.
Review by AMINE
Math and Physics Tutoring(IGCSE, EJU Math 1 and 2, EJU Physics, IB, Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus) (Osaka)
Rudi assisted my 15 year old son with Geometry on two occasions now. Strong points are as following: very well organised, good command of the subject, very efficient with time, which is not trivial. Well set up for online lessons. Rudi is not big on small / pep talk which may put off some people but my son finds Rudi very helpful. I would recommend for young / older teens who have at least basic independent study skills.
Review by SERGEI