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Merve - Amsterdam$49
Trusted teacher: ENG: Merhaba! I am an enthusiastic teacher who has been teaching Turkish for foreigners and children whose native language is Turkish but need to improve it. Having experience with both teenagers and adults, I specialize in tutoring Turkish based on four skills: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. I plan my lessons regarding the student's needs and goals. In my lessons, I prefer using different teaching coursebooks and authentic resources (e.g. online articles, newspapers, magazines). Since I have studied in different disciplines such as language teaching, literature, and communication sciences, I could promise various lesson contents in each lesson to keep you excited during your learning process. If you would like to learn Turkish with me, please get in touch! I hope to hear from you soon! TR: Merhaba! 11 yıl önce İstanbul'da başlayan Türkçe öğretme serüvenim, 3 yıldır Amsterdam'da devam ediyor. Türkçe öğrenmek isteyen yetişkinlere, Hollanda'da doğan çocuklarının daha kurallı Türkçe konuşmasını arzu eden anne babalara, Türkçe öğrenme yolculuklarında eşlik ediyorum. Dinleme, okuma, konuşma ve yazma becerilerini geliştirirken, farklı ders kitapları ve gerçek hayattan alınmış online makaleler, dergiler ve hikayeleri ders materyali olarak kullanıyorum. En önemlisi de, derslerimi daima öğrencinin ihtiyaçları doğrultusunda planlıyorum. Derslerim daima dil öğretimi, edebiyat ve iletişim alanlarında aldığım eğitimlerin yansımalarını taşıyor. Eğer siz de Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorsanız, benimle her zaman iletişime geçebilirsiniz. Türkçe öğrenme yolculuğunuzda şimdiden başarılar! En iyi dileklerimle, Merve
Turkish · Communication skills · Grammar
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Rukiye - Brussels$28
Trusted teacher: IN - Turkish courses for adults and teenagers (from 12 years old; I do not give a class to kids under that age). For all levels (from A1 to C2). Courses adapted to the student's level. Focus on requested topics. Many years of experiences. Good references. Beginning to learn a language is a crucial step and level. If you are a total beginner, I will help you overcome this first step and make you love learning the language. All the materials are furnished during the class. Individual or small group (from 2 to 5 people). For small group, the price varies depending on the number of students. Please contact me for further information. Conversational language course is focused on spoken language and sometimes learners lack this and need to focus on it. I will help you learn Conversational Turkish and step by step you will be able to understand the spoken Turkish. During the class, we will work on your pronunciation and the eventual little grammar mistakes that you would do. This course is mainly focused on the oral communication, with very little of grammar. If you already have some knowledge and are looking for communication training, then this course will fit you perfectly. Individual or small group (from 2 to 5 people). For small groups, the price varies. Please contact me for more information. FR - Turkish lessons for adults / teenagers (aged 12 and over). Several years of experience. Good references. Courses adapted to the needs of the student. Initiation to a new language is a crucial stage in learning. If you are a complete beginner, I will help you overcome this obstacle and make you love the language. No hardware is required. I provide the necessary. Individual or group lessons (2 to 5 people). For group lessons, the price is different, depending on the number of participants. Please contact me for more info.
Trusted teacher: Herkese merhaba! :) Hello everyone ! In a few words: I am a private tutor of Turkish, with students of all levels and all ages. Turkish is my mother tongue, I am also fluent in English and French. I have experience with very varied profiles: child or adult discovering the language, Turkish or French people wanting to communicate with their Turkish-speaking families or even people wishing to settle, work, study or take competitions in Turkey… By taking classes, you will have access to: During our sessions: - Classes at your own pace, entirely personalized according to your interests, your level and your objectives, - Monitoring a personalized work program adapted to your specific needs, - Effective advice to improve your communication and progress more quickly. Outside of our sessions: - A personal and centralized work (and pleasure!) space, where you will find: a summary of our sessions, different types of tasks and activities, resources in Turkish adapted to your interests, comments on your progress and answers to your questions outside of class, as well as various educational content and resources (gamified exercises, videos, songs, audios, books, documents, images, etc.), - Depending on your level: authentic content in Turkish (intended for native speakers) transformed into interactive videos allowing and facilitating their understanding, - Recording of all our courses (unless you refuse) so that you never lose track of our discussions. Obviously, I adapt to the objectives and specificities of each person's requests while helping you to immerse yourself in a world of Turkish that I create tailor-made for you, to expose you as much as possible to the language in a structured and to communicate in Turkish. Learning, acquiring or even mastering a language is a never-ending journey. Consequently, it seems essential to me to assist you in creating your own tools to strengthen your level of autonomy throughout your journey. To know more about me: I was born in Istanbul in a family of professors. Very early on, I was exposed to teaching and pedagogy. I started giving language lessons as a teenager. I went to two prestigious schools in Istanbul (Kadikoy Anadolu High School and Galatasaray University) which allowed me to master English and French. I arrived in France in 2012 to study Psychology. I graduated with a BAC+5 in Clinical Gerontology Psychology which allowed me to obtain the title of clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. I nevertheless decided to continue my teaching activity which gives me a lot of pleasure. I started giving Turkish lessons to English and French speakers in 2011. Since 2022, I have been certified with Istanbul University to teach Turkish as a foreign language. This training allowed me to perfect my teaching methods and improve my creativity in the design of my tools. In addition, my university studies in neuroscience and psychology allowed me to perfect my knowledge of learning and how memory works. Moreover, being very interested in fun learning tools and games, I designed from A to Z a board game for adults facilitating the teaching and practice of Turkish. In my spare time, I host Turkish learning social media accounts and birdwatch as a birdwatcher! :) Görüşmek dileğiyle! :)
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Sumru - The Hague$44
Trusted teacher: ENGLISH: I have been teaching Turkish and Dutch to local and international adults and their children living in the Netherlands since 2020. My main motivation for teaching my mother language is to contribute to Turkish children's bilingual achievement and help Dutch-Turkish people close the cultural gap in their families. My lessons are based on the needs of the individuals such as communication in daily life, reading business or project management documents and enjoying their time while exploring Turkish culture and cuisine. ******************************* ENGLISH: Since 2020 I have been teaching Turkish and Dutch to local and international adults and their children living in the Netherlands. My main motivation for teaching my native language is to contribute to the bilingual achievements of Turkish children and to help Dutch-Turkish people bridge the cultural gap in their families. My classes are based on the needs of the individuals, such as communication in daily life, reading business or project management documents and enjoying their time while exploring Turkish culture and cuisine. ******************************* TÜRKÇE: 2020 yılından beri Hollanda'da yaşayan Türklere, yabancılara ve onların çocuklarına Türkçe ve Hollandaca öğretiyorum. Anadilimi öğretmekteki temel motivasyonum, Türk çocuklarının iki dilde iletişimine katkıda bulunmak ve Hollandalı-Türk aile bireyleri arasındaki kültürel uçurumu kapatmalarına yardımcı olmaktır. Derslerim, günlük yaşamda iletişim, iş veya proje yönetimi belgelerini okumak ve Türk kültürü ile mutfağını keşfederek keyifli vakit geçirmek gibi bireylerin ihtiyaçlarına yöneliktir.
Turkish · Dutch
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Haydi Türkçe Öğrenelim! – Turkish Lessons For Children and Adults from an Experienced Native Turkish Tutor (Amsterdam)
It is very difficult if not impossible to get my son speak highly of a teacher who makes him do more reading and writing. :) Merve proved to be an exception. She has a very positive attitude, knows how to set the balance between hard work and fun work, establishes a very good dialogue with kids. We are lucky to have found her.
Review by ZEYNEP
English, Turkish, French, Maths, Economics, Accounting & Chess Tuitions. I also do translation works in English-Turkish-French. (Brussels)
Shabneez is a good tutor. She helps me with mathematics - university level. She helps me to overcome my fears of maths and makes it pleasant and easier to understand. We do a lot of exercises together. Thanks for your help and patience Shabneez and see you soon :)
Review by MELISSA
Turkish for adults from beginner to advance - Individual or small group (2 to 5 people) / Turkish course for adults from beginner to advanced (Brussels)
This was my very first Turkish class and I really liked the pragmatic approach of Rukiye in teaching the language. She's clear and patient. A part from being a very good teacher she is also a very nice person. I definitely recommend her! Tesekkurler Rukiye!
Review by LAURA