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28 traveling teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: This course is the Best Hindi Conversation and Fluency Course for all Level of Students! You will know how to describe aspects of your past and your environment and communicate quite confidently. You will be able to understand the key points of complex text by yourself and you will be capable of improvising a speech. In this course, we will learn how to do basic conversations about home and family, introducing yourself, shopping for essentials, business talk, stay at a hotel, travel needs, sight-seeing, greetings, numbers, meals, shopping, telling time, scheduling activities, and asking and giving directions. The emphasis will on fluency, pronunciation and comprehension, language practice with an introductory conversation, new vocabulary and structures. I have prepared special materials for this level students. After finishing this course you will be capable of describing situations and events, writing texts and coping with coherent language. My classes use interactive PowerPoint presentations as visual aids and are proven to take elementary level students to a competent, conversational and advanced level. You have made an excellent choice by choosing me as your teacher. My classes are very intuitive and focused on learning. In our classes, we will learn everything based on your level and needs - a mix of Grammar, Pronunciations, Vocabulary, Verb Conjugations, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. My aim is to make you fluent and improve all your skills so that you can attain your language goals. I have prepared special materials for this level students. See you in the Class!
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Trusted teacher: As a traveler and language student myself I can share my experience of how in a short period of time I have achieved an advanced level in English and French. As well as learn other languages such as Italian and Swedish. As a teacher my goal is to show you the shortest way to "speak" Spanish. As you probably know most of the language methods out there are focused on grammar and visual exercises. I will show you the benefits of learning with your ''ears'', Instead of learning with your ''eyes''. Just like any baby or child would do, you can learn just by listening. Have you ever seen a baby learning with grammar books? No, right?. The truth is that I don't think that children learn faster because their brains are like "sponges", I think they learn faster because they simply play with words and are not afraid of making mistakes. Many people study languages for years and years and are still not able to speak effortlessly and confidently. I believe that the traditional way of learning is rather obsolete in today's world, thanks to the internet. We will learn, play with language and have fun. In stress free environment. Share anecdotes of life and travel. We will talk about food, music and the cultural and linguistic differences between different Spanish speaking countries, and much more. If you need someone open-minded, friendly and relaxed to learn with. I can be that person and invite you to try a lesson where we will talk about your learning goals and motivations. I will answer your questions and we can decide together the study path that suits you best.
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Liyana - Tokyo$25
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Spanish for all ages, for trips, studies or work! (Rathmines)
Florencia is a great teacher! She makes sure, that the learning experience is totally tailored to the student. Very attentive and always ready to help. She is also very friendly and classes have a lovely relaxed atmosphere.
ภาษาอังกฤษฉันห๊วยห่วย! แต่เราช่วยคุณได้,,How to be 'Suck seed in English'. (Nonthaburi)
My daughter really enjoys learning from Nona. Thank you very much! We look forward to learning more English from Nona.
Review by WILLIAM