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3 speech teachers in Istanbul

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Learning languages at any level are always enriching in some way; whether you need it for your job, your long-distance lover or for pure enjoyment, studying a language is a window into a culture's way of thinking and communicating. Whether you just popped out of the womb, are looking back on a long life or you're somewhere in between, I'm willing to help you out learning Spanish. My name is Marta, I was born and raised in Barcelona (Spain), moved to Groningen about 3 years ago, and although I'm primarily a student/teaching assistant (Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen), I've always loved helping people learn; especially two of the languages I speak. Learning any language is hard enough as it is, and of course all the facts are out there on the big web; however, if you want to make sure you stay engaged and actually enjoy the learning process (which will keep you wanting to learn more), hiring a private teacher like me for personalized lessons is really your best option. Depending on your style of learning I will adapt to your needs, but generally, I prefer to make classes a bit dynamic involving listening, reading (aloud), conversational practice and creative writing among others. These are also areas where you'll need to be trained if you choose to take official language exams in the future. Homework is optional; it does help, but if you lead a busy life we can still learn a lot during class. Location to be discussed, the price per person listed below, with a small discount if you come in pairs.
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