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208 spanish teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: In my Spanish lessons, you are the main character. Everything is personalized to you, from the content, to the pace, the activities and the interests you have. 😊 📚 These is what a Caro’s Spanish lesson looks like: ✔ Introduction and Needs Assessment: We start with a warm welcome and initiate a conversation to understand your goals, proficiency level, preferred learning style, and any specific areas you want to focus on (e.g., grammar, vocabulary, conversation skills). ✔ Customized Learning Plan: Based on the needs assessment, I develop a personalized learning plan outlining the objectives, topics, and activities for the session. Incorporating materials and resources that align with your interests, such as topics related to your hobbies, career, or areas of passion. ✔ Interactive Learning Activities: I like my classes to be engaging with a variety of interactive activities. For example: Role-playing scenarios relevant to your daily life or profession to practice conversational skills. Games and quizzes to reinforce vocabulary and grammar concepts in an enjoyable way. Cultural exploration activities, such as discussing Spanish traditions, cuisine, or literature, to deepen your understanding of the language in context. ✔ Continuous Feedback and Adjustments: Throughout the lesson, I provide constructive feedback and encouragement to support your progress. ✔Reflection and Goal Setting: Normally I finish the lesson with a brief reflection session, allowing you to share your thoughts, insights, and anything you found difficult. I look forward to joining your Spanish learning journey and making it a fun, interactive, and practical path. ✨
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Spanish classes from level A1 to C2 and DELE/SIELE exam preparation (Málaga)
I booked a daily 90 minutes class for my son Nicolo' (16 years old) for 2 weeks. He was an absolute beginner and usually has a very limited enthusiasm for "extra-classes". Lucia was absolutely fantastic. She made the magic of creating a learning environment that was fun, friendly and effective at the same time. My son Nicolo' was so enthusiastic about the classed to the point that I could not believe it when he asked me to do more classes with Lucia after the 2 weeks. Lucia was good to teach with real life situation and not in an academic way. She was very good in explaining difficult concept in an easy way. Lucia is a very competent teacher and a trusted professional. I would recommend her to anyone.
Review by GIANLUCA
Learn and practice your Spanish with a private tutor in Medellin (Medellín)
Camilo is an excellent Spanish teacher. We’ve been working together for 2.5 months and my Spanish has advanced so much. I’ve worked with teachers in the past and have taken a lot of classes, I can confidently say from experience that Camilo really knows what he’s doing. His lessons are well planned and thorough, the homework assignments are not too time consuming and really focus on the topic we are learning and help me advance a lot. He’s a genuinely nice person and I enjoy our conversations. Class time always goes by so quickly because it’s a lot of fun (and we check out different cafes around Medellin which is also fun!). I highly highly recommend Camilo as your Spanish teacher!
Review by OLIVIA
Spanish class for travelers & expats with a Colombian teacher in a fun and friendly atmosphere. (Bogotá)
Not only a talented language teacher, Karen is an enthusiastic, cultured and engaging conversationalist. You may choose to just have well spirited discussion, focus on a variety of themes ranging from business oriented to purely recreational, or do a deep dive into a specific aspect of the language. If you are more than complete beginner, I'd recommend avoiding to speak a single word of English. Keen on making you progress, you may also ask her to correct all of your mistakes to avoid learning bad habits. If you are new to Bogota, she will go out of her way to make you feel comfortable in it and give you tips coming from a true local.
Review by AXEL