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18 sound (music) teachers in Austria

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Nina - Spain$30
Trusted teacher: Do you want to sing, but you don't know how? Can't tune up? Can't you give that high or low note that resists you? Do you get hoarseness, pain or discomfort after singing a couple of songs? I completely understand you because I have had some of these problems in the past and I know how frustrating it is, but now I am here to help you. I am Nina, vocal coach and singer and I welcome you. My job as a vocal coach is to accompany you and guide you so that you find your voice and get the most out of it. We will do this with the help of technique, vocal coaching and interpretation, so that you can find your personal style and the ease you need to practice healthy, responsible singing at a good level. My program is based on the Modern Vocal Training and Estill Voice (Voicecraft) methods. Now, who are these classes for? If you sing at concerts, in church, on Youtube, on Tiktok or in the shower, you are welcome. It's never too late to learn to sing so age is not a limitation. Neither is the time you've been singing with habits that may not be the best. You can always choose the path of healthy singing, which will give you a more satisfying and lasting vocal (singing) experience. I try to make the classes as specialized as possible, because not all my students arrive with the same level or with the same goals. The class is divided into two parts: - Vocal technique (warm-up and vocalizations). - Work on a song you like (applying technique and interpretation). In addition, I provide you with the necessary exercises so that you can practice at home and achieve the progress you are looking for. I work in blocks of 4 classes per month, 2 classes per month and single class. Cheer up and see you by Zoom! About me: I have been a vocal coach for 3 years. I have been training since I was 9 years old with various singing teachers, and in various academies. I have level 1 and 2 of Estill Voice, I am currently training as a Vocal Coach of the Modern Vocal Training method and studying a Master of Speech Therapy and speech disorders.
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Guitar and Music lessons from a CvA graduated teacher in Amsterdam (Amsterdam)
I think that learning as an adult is a bit challenging. However, Santiago's classes are fun and it feels easy to learn. I feel I am progressing and I enjoy the lessons. Also, in every class, I discover something new about music! He is also relaxed while teaching which helps a lot when I make mistakes. ​I love learning with him :)
Review by DIANA
Classical singing lessons for all interested in singing (Salzburg)
Lia is a fantastic teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable about voice, is an excellent pianist, and a tremendous musician. She is kind and supportive in her lessons, but still manages to push you and is not afraid to correct you when you make a mistake or when you could do something better.
Review by WILLIAM
Singing lessons with a coach. Learn to sing correctly and with joy! (Graz)
This is the first lesson I had with Miss Betina, she seems very patient and encouraging to me, I believe she is a great teacher, she can directly point out my weakness while having vocal practise, and kindly mentioned that she will train and improve my vocal.
Review by SUMMER