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2 sat prep teachers in United States

MY EXPERIENCE: * Although I have taught all the English tests you can think of (and just as many you can't think of-- YGS, anyone? How about OTV? :D); my experience in SAT, IELTS, and TOEFL preparation is truly vast. * In one language school, I worked as the School TOEFL expert for 2.5 years. In another language school, I worked as a School IELTS expert for 3 years 💪. * I have almost 4 years of remote education experience! CONCRETE RESULTS, CONCRETE SUCCESS * Your scores with start to improve *on the first lesson* * My SAT students have achieved 350-point increases, IELTS students 3-point increases, and TOEFL students 30-point increases in their scores; with SAT students earning 1550, IELTS students 9s, and TOEFL students 110s. SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE "Even if you are scoring low right now, if you put in the effort and give yourself time to improve, there is no reason why you shouldn't get a stellar score and into your dream university. You only need the right guidance and to study. It really is doable; I'll tell you how." WHAT MORE DO YOU GET WHEN YOU WORK WITH ME * My specific tried-and-true strategies will become second nature to you and you will be able to apply them to other important exams in the future * Hundreds of pages (per exam!) of *original* material I have developed over many many years, on top of all the best material out there and past and mock exams PLUS: * In addition to all the greatness above, all of my students benefit from my counseling and tutoring when they are preparing their applications for undergraduate/ graduate programs. From writing a CV to writing an application essay, you can learn anything you need! WANT TO TAKE CLASSES WITH YOUR BESTIES? Exam Preparation classes work best 1-on-1 or in very small groups. We can do classes with as many students as you want, but I recommend 3 students at most for Exam Preparation classes. *Please always check my availability directly with me. The chart might be outdated.
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Trusted teacher: I am a current industrial engineering student at Northwestern University (ranked 9th in the US by US News and in the top 30 universities worldwide by most metrics). I scored a 1590/1600 on the SAT (a score above 1550 is typically in the top 1% of test takers), a 1500/1520 on the PSAT (a preliminary version of the SAT for which I achieved National Merit Finalist, an achievement only 15000 students from each grade in the US achieve), and 36s on official ACT tests (a perfect score). I have been working as a standardized test tutor for 2 years, and have helped students achieve significant improvements. I have my own lesson plans and materials (so there is no need to buy extra prep books), and am fluent in both English and French. I also offer college admisisons coaching, and am very familiar with the US college admissions process. Bonjour, Je suis étudiant en ingénierie industrielle à Northwestern University (classé 9ème des universités américaines et dans les 30 meilleures universités du monde par la plupart des classements). J’ai eu un 1590/1600 au SAT (un score au delà de 1550 représente typiquement 1% de résultats), un 1500/1520 au PSAT (une version préliminaire du SAT pour lequel j’ai atteint le niveau “National Merit Finalist” parmi seulement 15000 élèves américains chaque année), et des 36/36 au tests officiels ACT (un score parfait). Je travaille en tant que tuteur de tests normalisés depuis 2 ans, et j’ai aidé plusieurs élèves à améliorer significativement leurs scores. J’ai mes propres leçons et materiel (donc pas nécessaire d’acheter des livres supplémentaires), et je parle couramment Anglais et Français. Je propose aussi des scéances lié aux postulations aux grandes écoles americains. Je suis très familier avec le système de postulation aux États-Unis.
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Mathematics for middle/high school levels, Sat mat (Bahçelievler)
Where do we begin? Expert communication skills, superior listening skills, and most important of all very friendly and approachable. She has a deep knowledge and passion for the subject matter. Excellent preparation and organization skills. Mrs. Hatice sounds like a native english speaker and has a strong work ethic that rubs off on the students. All around wonderful teacher, Highly Recommended!
Review by EIAD
Highly experienced tutor: One-on-One Online tutoring in Data Science & Machine Learning with Python / R
Dr S
He was great!!! He send my son in advance was he was going to cover in the lesson. Very organise and he explain the exercice with a lot of knowledge and easily understanding. My son could follow him easily and was really happy with his lessons- He is a great math teacher!!!!!
Review by MARY BAREA
SAT, IELTS & TOEFL Test Prep Course for Study and Life Abroad! (Barcelona)
My son, Zack found Marton very easy to work with and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. Zack is sitting the SAT in September. Marton was happy to provide help with more than just the SAT agreeing to read his personal statement. Highly recommended.