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4 sales teachers in United States

Esta clase está diseñada para principiantes interesados en adentrarse al dinámico y competitivo mundo de las ventas y el servicio al cliente. La clase proporciona una comprensión sólida de los conceptos básicos y las técnicas esenciales de ventas, así como las habilidades necesarias para proporcionar un excelente servicio al cliente. Durante la clase, los participantes aprenderán, a través de una combinación de teoría y práctica, cómo identificar a su público objetivo, desarrollar persuasivas técnicas de presentación, manejar objeciones y cerrar ventas efectivamente. Además, se cubrirán temáticas de servicio al cliente tales como: entender las expectativas del cliente, mejorar la comunicación con el cliente, manejar quejas de los clientes y fomentar la lealtad del mismo. La metodología de la clase promueve la participación activa con actividades prácticas y estudios de caso que permiten a los participantes aplicar en tiempo real lo aprendido, fortaleciendo así su confianza y habilidades de venta y servicio al cliente. No se requiere ningún conocimiento previo para formar parte de esta clase, solo el deseo de aprender y mejorar las habilidades en las áreas de ventas y servicio al cliente. Al final del curso, los estudiantes tendrán las habilidades necesarias para iniciar con éxito su viaje en estos campos. La clase es perfecta para cualquier persona interesada en trabajar en ventas y servicio al cliente, o en mejorar su capacidad para interactuar con los clientes en cualquier entorno empresarial.
Sales · Customer service
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Trusted teacher: Brand design is what makes your brand unforgettable, therefore it is one of the most important investments you can make in your business or for yourself. When the most used sources of information for the company are websites, social networks, search engines, brochures and catalogs, the brand of the company must be above others for succeed. While good content is important, it's the visual aspect of your brand that gets the public's attention first. Thus, a good visual brand design offers you these competitive advantages. In a constantly paced world with many competing brands and other distractions, your brand identity will often make the difference between the success and failure of your projects. Learning how to design the brand you dreamed of or learning how to create brands for other companies gives you these skills in high demand. In this course, I will teach you how to design brands from concept to finish. The course will be a project-based course and will use the learning-by-doing approach where you will be guided in detail through the branding process from logo design to business cards, branded t-shirts , brochures, leaflets, letterheads, envelopes, website banners, etc. I will teach you how to design a strong visual brand that creates a sense of unity and cohesion, by maintaining a consistent and clear brand across all marketing channels, because only then can customers instantly recognize your Mark. Branding shows that you are proud of your business. Customers will recognize the investment you make in the success of your own business and know that you will deliver with the same passion when it comes to meeting their needs. Attention to detail in brand design, even something as simple as a business card, can reassure your customers that you value every aspect of your business. A professional branding immediately gives people the impression that you are an established, confident and trustworthy business. No matter the size of the business, putting order in the brand design will bring you more customers, make your product more easily recognizable and encourage people to come back for more. Then sign up for this course if you want to become a beginner to a professional brand designer.
Marketing · Sales · Graphic design
Trusted teacher: Description: This course is intended for sales professionals wishing to improve their skills using expert and scientific sales techniques based on the principles of neuromarketing. Participants will learn how to use scientific knowledge to influence customer behavior and maximize their sales potential. The course will include sales simulations and hands-on exercises to help participants apply the techniques learned in real-life situations. Learning objectives: Understand the basic principles of neuromarketing and sales Learn to use scientific knowledge to influence customer behavior Mastering expert sales techniques Learn to effectively manage the sales process Learn how to handle objections and answer customer questions Improve verbal and non-verbal communication with customers Know how to maximize sales potential Course content : Introduction to Neuromarketing and Sales Understand customer needs The key stages of the sales process Persuasion and negotiation techniques Management of objections and answers to customer questions Verbal and non-verbal communication with customers Sales simulation and practical exercises Hypnosis to help you sell more Teaching methods: The course will be delivered in the form of presentations, demonstrations, sales simulations and practical exercises. Participants will be encouraged to actively participate and ask questions to maximize their understanding and learning. Prerequisite: Participants must have previous sales experience.
Sales · Neuroscience · Communication skills
Trusted teacher: 10 course elements to succeed in your commercial activity! Rethink your offer! – Innovate, rethink your products and services by keeping in mind what your customers need, not what you want to sell to them. – Retarget your products to address a more restricted niche but which will recognize its needs more through this new offer. Don't forget that a product made to please Mr Everybody will ultimately not be bought by anyone because it is too generic. – Set up call products – Rethink the design and ergonomics of your products. – Turn your customers into ambassadors by offering functions and services in your products that offer more than the customer thought they would get when purchasing: – Question your arguments, product sheets… by updating them according to the current evolution of the economy, new modes of communication, the new needs of your customers, according to feedback from your salespeople… Make sure your customers don't forget you! – Tell a story about your company and its products for better memorization and to make your relationship more personal. – Send a physical postcard to best customers for your greetings, with a special promotion and information about your new products – Offer hyper-limited offers in time, prospects are overwhelmed which means that if you do not immediately encourage them to action you have every chance of losing them. – Treat your new customers like stars: roll out the red carpet (call from a sales representative, loyalty chain by email, satisfaction survey, etc.), call them by name in your communications, keep a history of all exchanges made, memorize their preferences and their needs to prevent them from giving the same information over and over again (loyalty card, link to their account in your emails, etc.), give them VIP gifts (VIP access to events, previews, etc.) … After this training (which basically takes 3 months), you will be able to retain your customers and build a solid customer base. You will then see your turnover grow day after day.
Marketing · Sales · Business management
Trusted teacher: SALES COACHING OFFER Sometime around 10 years ago I had a station in my work life when I worked in densely KPI-oriented environments with Sales and Marketing quotas. At that time I used to train staff for call center and sales conversations over the phone. I did this for over 6 years and coached over 100 people 1:1. The original reason why I got that chance was that I used to be an overperformer myself. So I didn`t come from "flashy powerpoints", but actually walked the talk prior to passing on any opinions. I worked in B2B, in software environments, but had a very rich work life with times when I worked in all sorts of industries, really. So, from HR to Sales/Marketing, Tech, Finance, Products...I also worked with events and organization, with logistics, design, and high fashion, if you`d like to believe it ;-) What is the offer - and what is the methodology? My approach is simple: PEOPLE make business work, nothing else. Communication and how you focus make the difference. Just like how "well you feel in your skin". I believe in a consultative approach and listening to a (potential) customer. A talent that helps in customer service and in sales or presales. My goal is for a win-win, which I feel is happening when both parties are interacting helpfully with each other. So, my offer is to help young professionals, who often have problems picking up a phone - being confident. Or, if you come from a non-customer-facing role and want to "work your way into confidence" I can help you with that, too. Other than my background above I worked in multilingual environments and have/had a "side hustle" in working with people in psychological/motivational ways. So that goes on top. My price goes per hour. Please let me know what your challenge is and what you hope to accomplish. I`ll give you an honest feedback on my end. Then we can agree on the time slots.
Life coaching · Sales · Career development
Trusted teacher: Customer service is the support and assistance businesses offer before, during, and after purchasing the products/services. Quality customer service adds an immense amount of value to a product and helps build long-lasting relationships with customers. Today’s customer service is much more than traditional phone support. Rapid tech advancements reshaped the way businesses interact with customers and created the proliferation of digital service channels. Receiving fast, efficient, personalized support and a seamless experience is what consumers generally expect from brands these days. Customer service should be a top priority for any business and practitioners because ; Customer service expectations are constantly increasing and changing. Consumers value high-quality service and are ready to pay more to receive it. Customer service can significantly influence consumers’ buying decisions. Good customer service helps increase customer satisfaction, improve customer relations and retention. Happy consumers tend to share their positive service experiences, creating positive word-of-mouth for brands. Outstanding customer service can turn customers into brand advocates, which brings in more traffic and referrals. Consumers will not tolerate bad service and leave brands that fail to meet their service expectations. Unsatisfied customers can damage a brand’s reputation by sharing their negative service experiences through social networks and review sites. Investing in service improvement is cheaper than dealing with a damaged reputation caused by poor service. High-quality customer service ultimately results in continued revenue growth. Please feel free to join my class for a practical and a top notch tutorial on customer service for continuous improvement in the service and product sector .
Customer service · Marketing · Sales
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Super professional. Great Communication. He just opened the words on my mind and shoed how could be easy to do some assignments if you just really know how. Thank you so much Younes.
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