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Music Composition
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Trusted teacher: Professor graduated from the "Conservatoire Supérieur and Academy of Music Tibor Varga" in violin teaching, graduated in Suzuki pedagogy, certified in "MéloDys" method, certified in "Positive Discipline", certified in "Pedagogy Montessori", certified in "Mindfulness", graduated in piano and lyric singing, certified in "Kyusho-Jitsu". My constant quest for freedom of expression has led me to explore many musical styles and seek to unlock their secrets. I embarked on artistic challenges and surprising collaborations in order to test and explore all the possibilities related to my favorite instrument the violin and its electric and MIDI variants. Above all, I explored the pleasure of improvisation, the stage and the contact with the audience. Today, I enjoy a unique position in the world of music, which places me at the crossroads between the musical industry, pedagogy, stage performance, interpretation and instrumental expertise. Indeed, I am currently working as: - Solo violinist for the "Scarlett Entertainment" agency in London (largest event agency in the world). - Violin teacher (holder) at "Ecole Eden" in Veyrier (finalist of the best school of Switzerland 2017). - Production and Business Development Manager "for the Tomplay music app (in collaboration with the most famous classical music label in the world" Deutsche Grammophon "). - Expertise and selection of contemporary violin instruments for the company "Unimat" and the "Société Générale de Sécurité" (in collaboration with the Master Luthiers of the "Consortium Antonio Stradivari" of Cremona). - Author-Composer-Performer for leading music institutions). - Improvizer for Sky76 albums (Swiss artist label "Blue Planet"). - Judge at international competitions (violin, chamber music) I like to share my Love for Music in a broad sense as well as my personal, artistic and spiritual experience. The life of a musician is made of important encounters (influences) that punctuate the artistic life, I wish to position myself near my interlocutors as a reliable and just landmark to promote the construction of their artistic personality and lead to maturity . If you are looking for a guide to help you complete your musical projects, better understand the music industry market, the issues, the expectations and the useful tools you can count on me to deliver the strings. Only the work, the motivation and the personality of my students counts for me. The key to success is the job but not done anyhow ... done intelligently.
Piano · Violin · Personal training
Trusted teacher: With an experience of 18 years of teaching guitar and more than 20 years in socio-cultural animation, I have also successfully organized many courses in schools with recognized pedagogical qualities such as L'école Rudolf Steiner and the Active school, or in Andalusian associations in Geneva, Friborg, Nyon and Martigny. I also accompany the dance classes of various dancers (living in Switzerland, Spain and France) regularly or during training courses in Spain and Switzerland: Ana la China (CH), Antonio Perujo Melissa Salcedo (CH), Jose Candela (Grenada), La Tati (Madrid), Carmen Ledesma (Sevilla), Manuela (CH), Maud la Manuela Carpio (Jerez), Ana Maria Lopez (Jerez), Raimundo Benitez (Grenada), Manuel Guitieres (Monpellier). My experience alongside local and internationally renowned artists (Enrique Bermuda "el Piculabe", Matias Lopez "el Mati", Juanillorro, Sandra Santisteban, Ana Barba, Melchor Campos, Paloma Pradal, Manolo Carmona "el Huelebien" Yolanda Almodovar, Andres Gil, Maria Bertos, Juan Manuel Cortes, Marta Themo, Stéphane Montangero) in organizations ranging from local associations to international flamenco festivals (Geneva, Mont-de-Marsan) Jose Manuel Tudela, Domingo Rubichi, Manuel Losada "El Carbonero", Agustin de la Fuente, Jesus El Guardia, Daniel Manzanas and Enrique Bermudez) and the fact that I have played other musical styles (blues, rock and Brazilian music) For 12 years before immersing myself in the world of flamenco make me a versatile guitarist and listening to others. Lessons: I have developed over time a method that knows how to adapt to the needs and abilities of each student to guide him gradually and in a fun way towards a growing autonomy. Thus, the pupil is led along the path towards accompanying the song, the dance and towards the composition. The technical, theoretical and rhythmic baggage required Introduced in a personalized way so that this last person can live it in the way most in agreement with his mode of learning. Since flamenco is oral tradition we will not normally use solfeggio for its learning but mainly listening and imitation (however, if necessary I can also explain certain rhythmic or harmonic peculiarities by using this language for those whose understanding Through this process). So that everyone can remember what he learned during the current lesson, I systematically devote a brief moment of video or audio recording with a slow take comprising a synthesis of explanations and a real speed jack. If the student does not have enough material to film or record, I can do it with my phone and send the file to him by e-mail. The latter finds in this way at any moment a summary of each course. For beginner guitarists, I propose a grip of the instrument With traditional simplified melodic and rhythmic patterns, the first technical bases are thus acquired by playing rather than under the constraint of tedious exercises (which I can also propose if the student feels the need). We will develop them gradually according to the progress of the pupil.
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