Physical education lessons in France

Find your perfect private physical education tutor in France.
Learn physical education with our teachers at home or in their studio.

Physical education lessons in France.

Find your perfect private physical education tutor in France. Learn physical education with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Physical Education
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Charlotte - Paris$54.38
Public speaking · Voice (music)
Student with a degree in Physics, I integrate a Master of Education in September 2016. MATH I propose for the student a practical approach of mathematics, giving him concrete references in this discipline often perceived as abstract. With a background in Physics, I can illustrate precisely the various applications of the tools made available by mathematics, which allows an effective advancement in the program. CHEMICAL PHYSICS Physics (of which chemistry is part, in fact) is a rigorous discipline, but whose mechanics are often intuitive. The topics addressed at the Lycée have concrete applications in everyday life, which is an advantage for the student. This is why the global approach is the first axis by which I approach the course. Then, I develop the technical content little by little, illustrating at best each step, in connection with the theorems and other physical laws. LESSONS The course takes place in 4 stages: > a global approach of the part of the course: definition of the concepts, listing of the main tools, applications (general culture, it does not take more than 5 min); > an approach in details, a development of the technical course: definitions, theorems, demonstrations, methods of resolution and tips, mini-exercises as and when; > typical exercises, relevant, effective and of increasing difficulty; > A review of the concepts, to recover a global vision, and draw up a checklist of the concepts discussed. The follow-up is assiduously on my part: > taking notes of the checklist, > preparation of objectives for the next session, > mini-assessment at the beginning of the session (noted in a qualitative way, can be done orally without any problem).
Chemistry · Physics · Math
Chemistry · Physics · Math
Trusted teacher: Harmony and balance are proving increasingly difficult to maintain against the rhythms imposed by the norms of our modern societies. Some external factors (traumas, unbalanced diet, various excesses ...) or internal ones (stress, excitations, diseases ...) will affect your energy circulation or compromise it, thus causing various disorders (psychological, physiological, mental, sexual, emotional ...) that will in turn deteriorate the circulation on other routes and other plans ... Fortunately each culture bequeathed exercises and practices preventive and / or curative, intended to effectively counteract these disorders of the circulation of the "internal flow" and restore quickly his balance. Benefit, too, from the many benefits offered by the ancient energetic medicines, during our "harmonizing evenings". It is by comparing different medicinal traditions and various yogas, their actions, their indications and contraindications, that this flexible and pleasant sequence of simple movements was created, then tested successfully on the pupils of Pascal de Clermont. These techniques called "harmonizing movements" (or "Harmonizing for simplification") will contribute to a very clear improvement of your state of well-being by optimizing your natural faculties of self-healing. Adapted to each participant, these movements, gentle, smooth and smooth, can be beneficial at any age. Whatever your current state of flexibility or rigidity, they will be an excellent source of evolution and relaxation (physical and mental) and will enhance your well-being, improve your sleep, and restore your personal harmony.
Relationships · Self-improvement · Yoga
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Travailler sa voix : respiration, vocalisation, diction, prise de parole en public (Ixelles-Elsene)
Cela faisait longtemps que je cherchais à améliorer ma prise de parole en public et mon expression orale. Heureusement, j'ai trouvé Charlotte via le site Apprentus ! Grâce aux descriptions de chaque prof cela permet de faire ton choix en fonction de tes envies et tes besoins. Je recommande vivement !
Review by VIOLETA
Excellent premier cours qui correspond à mes attentes et qui est en rapport avec les commentaires qui figurent sur la note de présentation du professeur.
Review by PATRICK
Atelier du yoga des yeux: Relaxation, posture, respiration (Geneva)
Bonne 1ère approche avec le yoga et a bien tenu compte de mes difficultés j'ai beaucoup apprécié et me réjouis du prochain cours...Merci Pilar