Math lessons in France

Find your perfect private math tutor in France.
Learn math with our teachers at home or in their studio.

Math lessons in France.

Find your perfect private math tutor in France. Learn math with our teachers at home or in their studio.

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Trusted teacher: Hello everybody, I offer mathematics courses to students from primary to final regardless of the industry (L, S, ES, etc.) in a pedagogical and regular way. I can also help students in higher education. During my studies, I regularly gave classes to middle school students and especially to final exams just before the baccalaureate. I can of course awaken in your child the taste for science if it shows little appetite for this area. Nevertheless, it is highly preferable that the student wants to be followed by a particular teacher, motivation and diligence being the pillars necessary to optimize the effectiveness of the courses. After two years in preparatory classes MPSI-MP (specialties: mathematics and physics), I joined an actuarial school and obtained my master's degree in actuarial sciences (specialties: mathematics, statistics, finance and economics) and my title of actuary in 2015. After 3 years spent in this sector, I am now managing a startup in football and gives parallel private lessons. My two specialties are mathematics and physics. Having made a baccalaureate S and having obtained a mention TB at the baccalaureate, I will be able to follow your child, to teach him an effective working methodology and thus prepare him for the best for his next deadlines. Finally, I can also give courses in the following subjects: chemistry (subject treated until the end of my prep), French (subject treated until the end of my prep) and English (1 year in the USA and 2 years of work UK). Do not hesitate to contact me if you want more information. Best regards, Nassim
English for students · Physics · Math
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Cours particuliers de Mathématique et de Physique. (Verviers)
Je suis très content de l'intervention de Soulaimane. Il a su expliquer et faire comprendre les exercices qui était difficiles pour moi. C'est un professeur qui prend son métier vraiment à coeur tout en se souciant de l'étudiant. Bien à toi Soulaiman.
Review by SOUFIAN
Cours particuliers en maths, physique, chimie, anglais, ingénierie (Mons)
Omar est très compétent, efficace, il a une approche pédagogique, très gentil et surtout patient, ce qui manque à beaucoup d'enseignants à l'heure actuelle et je compte le conseiller à autrui.
Review by ATIKA
Cours particuliers en chimie - physique - mathématique pour le secondaire et le supérieur (Liège)
Super. Ce prof est très humain consciencieux, il sait parler aux ado. Je suis ravie de ses cours et de son suivi même après les cours.
Review by SANDRINE