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Trusted teacher: Are you preparing for this school year? (Primary, college, high school or university) and have difficulties in mathematics, physics and chemistry (incomprehension of the course, exercises, inappropriate methods of work)? Do not let the gaps accumulate and opt for quality support. With more than 250 students attended over the last 8 years and more than 6000 hours of courses, I was able to refine my methodology to offer effective support / coaching adapted to the needs of each student. Following a first analysis of the pupil's level, his strengths and his objectives, I define with him / her a pedagogical strategy in terms of areas of improvement, working methods, frequency of courses and Of used media. CONDUCT OF A TYPE OF SESSION 1- Answer the student's questions (course points, exercises and corrections given in class) 2- Evaluate students' understanding (direct questions, direct application exercises, quizzes, validation of student cards) 3- Verification of the work required of the student 3-a- Identification of possible misunderstandings 3-b- Detailed explanation of questions not included 3-c- Correction of possible errors 3-d- Solving method tips and tricks 4- For all the exercises / annals made together, the pupil is strongly encouraged to do all alone and to write them down. The student is also asked to note the difficulties encountered and the time devoted to each exercise. The objective of this approach is: 4-a- Validation of assimilation 4-b- Evaluation of the drafting 4-c- Evaluation of the efficiency (speed, absence of faults, ...) 5- Summary point - Summary of the meeting 5-a- What was done during the session 5-b- What the student could remember 5-c- What the student should do for the next session * I can give you references: students I have followed and who have integrated the most prestigious schools (ENCG, MEDCINE, ENSA ...). * Possibility of classes to several students at the same time (group lessons) and distance courses (by webcam)
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