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Fawzi - Geneva$24
Trusted teacher: I am an academic professor. Arabic is my mother tongue. I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. I give lessons in Arabic: language and communication with an effective pedagogy, written and oral, so that everyone can speak fluently while avoiding grammatical gaps. I explain all my lessons to foreigners by webcam, because I am in Morocco, in Rabat. I present my courses in French, Arabic or Spanish, depending on your choice. During the session I explain the course that suits your needs. And there is also the option to create an open discussion so that you can speak fluently over time. And at the end of each session, I give "lessons" with "exercises" to do as homework to continue our accompaniment and increase your level. -------------------------------------------------- ------ Another opportunity: To those who are interested in discovering the Islamic religion or in understanding it and reading the Koran, I offer special sessions on; its Pillars, faith, etc. I do comparison studies between major religions, detecting the points of connection between them as well, while basing themselves on mutual respect. I can even share with you my screen to help you write in Arabic. (I have the SAMSUNG Tablet Galaxy Tab S4 with S Pen) - I leave you now with the five Pillars of Islam: 1- (Chahada): The attestation of faith of the existence and uniqueness of God and the prophecy of Muhammad. 2- (Salat): The five daily prayers. 3- (Zakat): The alms to the needy in the prescribed proportions according to its means. 4- (Assawm): The fast of the month of Ramadan which lasts from dawn to sunset. 5- (Al-hajj): The pilgrimage to Mecca which must be done at least once in his life, if the believer has the physical and material means. - I am available. -------------------------------------------------- ------ In Spanish: Clases particulares de árabe [ONLINE]: Expresión escrita y oral / Literatura y cultura Soy profesor y académico. Enseño árabe, lengua y comunicación desde 2012. Hablo árabe, francés, español, un poco inglés y un poco turco. El árabe es mi lengua madre. Explico mis lecciones in francés, árabe or en español, según su elección. During the session explained the lesson that was adapted to sus necesidades. También exists the opción de crear una discusión abierta para que pueda hablar con fluidz a lo largo del tiempo y evitar lagunas gramaticales. Y al final de cada sesión, doy "lecciones" con "ejercicios" para hacer como tarea para continuar con nuestro apoyo y aumentar su nivel.
Arabic · Religious studies · Religion & spirituality
Trusted teacher: Transcendent Song: I teach through vocal activity and the practice of breath, my technical knowledge of vocal practice but also spiritual and energetic, which takes our singing into a broader dimension, in accordance with our deep aspirations. My teaching allows you to: - Develop body and sensory awareness; - Understand the mechanisms of breath and discover the expanded dimensions of this tool Open the dimension of singing to another level to express all its vocal potential in power and nuance by exploring all body spaces Welcome all the palettes of this vocal range, that is to say get out of judgment and fully accept yourself to allow yourself to express all your colors and vocal grains Discover the power of suggestion, openness, inking and the energetic dimension in singing Learn to trust yourself in exploration to express your inner truth and open the field of your intuition to associate it with your mind in consciousness Therapeutic work: My therapeutic work focuses on considering the being as a whole and therefore working on the different bodies, physical, emotional, psychic and subtle. I use different tools to carry out this energy work: Acupuncture by tuning fork: acupuncture is an alternative Chinese medicine based on the stimulation of specific points in a network of meridians. I do not use a needle for this purpose but therapeutic tuning forks to stimulate these areas using vibrations. This practice allows me to target my treatments to specific requests and to rebalance the entire energy circuit of the person. Singing, Tibetan bowls and drum Magnetism and channeling Spiritual teaching: My transcendental experiences and spiritual knowledge allow me today to teach spiritual practice, both at the physical level and in terms of mental understanding of the different phenomena, to accompany whoever wishes to discover themselves, to open up to openness. of conscience and intelligence of the heart. This involves meditation, the discovery of broader and more powerful breathing practices than we are taught, the learning of emotional, mental and bodily mastery, the discovery and teaching of energy practice, as well as access to little-understood and little-known spiritual knowledge. These teachings offer us openings of consciousness, understandings of our unconscious world, personal repairs and acceptance of our history, love of self and of everyone, and can also open the field of our subtle gifts, when we are ready, anchored and balanced.
Singing · Religion & spirituality · Self-improvement
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Myrddin - Leuven$20
Trusted teacher: The idea behind this lesson is something very personal, the feeling that I want to share love and knowledge with everyone who is open to it. There aren't really any "rules" or physical goals. What matters is that I have experiences and knowledge that I believe could help others live happier, more loving, and more valuable lives. I believe that everyone has a spiritual life, even if not everyone sees it that way. We are all dealing with questions about life, hard times in our youthful years, hard times in our current situation. We all experience a unique part of what it means to be aware, and that can be incredibly beautiful, and also incredibly hard. That's all part of it. It is through those experiences that we grow and dare to make changes in old patterns that no longer serve us and therefore gain a broader perspective on our lives. It's through thinking about spirituality that I've been able to position myself better in the world, and that's a process that won't stop. So I certainly do not claim to be an enlightened guru! But I am a good listener and have perspectives about the world that are not often talked about in our society, in which technological progress and capitalism play a central role. Within this present world with its materialistic vision we should never forget what it means to be human, that our own free soul, love and connection are the real drivers of all our actions. More specifically, we could talk about different religions, how they are connected, different meditations and exercises that keep us energetically balanced, about suffering and death, and so much more. The idea is to start a conversation together based on our different and similar experiences of being human, in order to discover a deeper nature of our nature and to be able to draw strength from it. Keep living, keep loving, and hopefully see you soon :)
Religion & spirituality
Since my childhood, I had several spontaneous spiritual experiences that opened me to the true nature of the mind, but they just came and went away, neither did I pay attention to them. I had some of my chakras opened at that time as well. Instead of seeing the world as suffering, I tried to embrace every aspect of my life joyfully. At the age of 12, I was introduced to an enlightened master from a powerful spiritual lineage in Sri Lanka, and he has been my spiritual guidance since then. I undertook my meditation practice diligently while engaged in daily activities. In 2016, I experienced a great awakening with my Ajna chakra opened and was able to be in so called "Oneness" state of mind for a prolonged period of time. The blissful nature of this "Beyond Mind" or "No Mind" experience was unexplainable and this shift in consciousness changed my perception regarding the world and surrounding. It has integrated into my daily life with improved mindfulness. Later I came to the Netherlands for my PhD and my meditative experience further deepened with many unique qualities. The "No Mind" experience further developed into deeper blissful samadhi states and I came to the profound "Near Death" experience in 2020. The delusional thinking of "I am my mind" and "I am my body" has disappeared once and for all. The freedom from this realization lead to an everlasting peace without the need of any religious, cultural and social bondages. Knowing our true nature is the best gift I have received so far in my life. Since then I started sharing my insights, meditative absorptions, techniques to people who want to live the same freedom as I do. Even though my main purpose is to lead souls to the spiritual enlightenment, my service is also there to tackle problems that we encounter in daily life which include stress, anxiety, fear etc. As the current holder of this profound spiritual lineage, I am also looking to expand our spiritual group with more and more enlightened souls. In a nutshell, I offer meditation and yogic techniques to improve your mindfulness, energies leading to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you are really interested in spiritual enlightenment and deep samadhis to serve humanity, then we have a further step to take !
Religion & spirituality
Learn to make music straight from the heart! Study music as a spiritual practice. It is one of the most valued factors in music all over the world, though also one of the least understood. (At least in the western world, if not anywhere.) Often deemed a kind of sub-talent "one just has or one doesn't", I am very certain it is something any musician can learn. I know because I found out how that works. The technique is easy to understand, but hard to master. Mastering in fact takes a lifetime. As it is in essence the art of improving oneself through the medium of music. A lifelong student myself, I have always found it hard to study music in any other way. Most things therefore I had to find out by myself while carving my own path, never really staying with any music teacher for long. No matter how skilled you currently are at making music, you can learn this if you feel the motivation to do so. In fact it can be an advantage not to much already. One main medium we use for training is improvisation. Which might be scary at first, but can become something very exciting very soon if you open yourself to it. Anyone can learn this! The methods used can also be applied to non-improvised music. They turn studying music into a spiritual practice and performing music into the sharing of spiritual energy with other people. Are you interested in making music from the heart? Are you open to accept my teachings as a hypothesis, to find out for yourself if it works for you? Depending on what you prefer we can also integrate a variation of other spiritual techniques into our lessons. Get in touch! Lessons can also be online or in person, we will talk about this during intake. Other times and dates than stated here might also be available, please contact me for further enquiries. Usually very flexible when it comes to time and location. *** Background: Musically I am experienced with a wide variety of instruments. I am active in other artistic disciplines. Please read my profile for more information. For the past 10 years or so I have had much spiritual training, living practically like a monk next to having a part time job, until quite recently. For more information about this, please also read my profile.
Religion & spirituality · Meditation · Sound (music)
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I learned about cosmic energy and the Law of Attraction around 10 years ago, and have heard and seen the impact that loving what you have, and the power of gratitude can do for your own self worth. In this session I can go over my learnings, and introduce some of the Law of Attraction Practitioner work that is of interest to many students who want to learn more about the LOA! In 2012 i had no money and was sent to work in Ireland for a few days with my work, knowing I had cars booked, hotels booked, meals booked in the hotel, I didnt need cash - but I was nervous about the trip, and when I arrived in Cork, I drove to the site I was meeting other renewable energy professionals. I was first at the conference centre, and noticed there was a small cafe/bar adjacent - so I went over to talk to the cafe worker and was asked if I would like anything- so I said 'Yes, please, a latte would be lovely' and I strolled off while the coffee was made for me. It was only then that I realised ' I have no money'... how could I pay for the coffee... I let my mind drift to a book I had been reading on the plane journey that morning; how affirmations can be as simple as manifesting the smallest thing to come to be; ' I am so happy and grateful that I have been provided with this free coffee'... 'Im so sorry' I said to the cafe worker; ' I haven't any pounds or euros! Just cancel that order.' 'Thats fine' she replied, 'as we have been asked to provide teas and coffees for everyone as part of the conference. Believe to receive! This was my introduction, and that whole journey to Ireland opened my eyes and mind, to the power of LOA. I look forward to sharing with you some background, some stories and some key learnings to practice LOA - from health to relationships, hobbies and work to being financially rewarded - all while introducing you to 'Nothing Soup' the book I wrote to help me to understand how cosmic energy works in our lives.
Religion & spirituality · Self-improvement · Life coaching
Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Abolaji Abdrahman, from Nigeria. I have studied Arabic language (including reading, writing, listening and speaking skills). I also studied Quran & it's sciences, Tajweed, and other Islamic studies for more than fourteen years. I have studied Arabic from the International Open University and Arabic Institute. Currently, I'm also an Undergraduate student of Islamic Studies Education in the University of Lagos, Akoka. I also study under the tutelage of Sheikh Raslān from Egypt. I am a tutor of modern standard Arabic, classical Arabic (the language of Quran and Hadith) and colloquial Arabic ('āmiyyah). I love teaching Arabic because it is a very important language of Islam. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said we should love Arabic language because: he is an Arabic, the holy Quran is in Arabic language and the language of the paradise dwellers is Arabic. I also love teaching Arabic language because it is the fifth most spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 26 countries including 5 of the wealthiest countries in the world. And it's sixth most spoken language in the world. Learning such a language will avail you to the discovery of most interesting cultures in today's world. It will also look good in your resume. With Arabic language, you'll become a polyglot and you will be able to adapt to the environments of Arab. As a Muslim, with Arabic language, you'll have thorough understanding of Quran and Sunnah. I have been tutoring Arabic and Islamic Studies since 2014 both online and offline till date. I tutor the learners between the ages of 5 - 80. The focus of my instruction is on all the important skills of the language (reading, writing, listening and speaking), grammar and vocabulary development. With these, you'll be able to intermingle with Arabic speaking people in any Arab environment you find yourself and of course, you'll have yourself prepared and fit for any formal exam. I am also certified to instruct in the memorization of Quran, the sciences of Quran like different versions of Quranic recitation (riwāyāt), the exegesis of Quran (tafsīr), e.t.c I have syllabus and materials for tutoring Arabic efficiently within a period of six to twelve months. I'm well experienced in tutoring with these books: ➡️ I love Arabic ➡️ Lessons in Arabic language ➡️ Nūrul bayān ➡️ Iqrā' qirā'tī ➡️ Qā'idāh Nūrāniyyah ➡️ Qā'idāh Makkiyyah ➡️ Qā'idāh Baghdādiyyah ➡️ Arabic in your hands ➡️ Tuhfatul Atfāl ➡️ Exegesis of Ibn Kathīr e.t.c I also have experience in teaching English language and Philosophy. Learning English language helps in developing ideas and communicating them. I would be glad to be your tutor in this journey, choose me and you will not regret it. See you in my class! I have 7 years of teaching experience. I'm a certified Arabic and English teacher. I have TESL and simplified Arabic certification. My teaching method is philosophical, experimental and persuasive. My teaching approach is simple to complex.
Arabic · English · Religion & spirituality
Life coaching · Self-improvement · Religion & spirituality
Trusted teacher: Meditation is certainly the key to true happiness and peaceful life. It's a heart... spiritual cleansing and elevation process; a journey that is better to be experienced rather than just to be understood. The deeper you devote your life to spirituality, the stronger and closer your connection will be to The Giver of Peace & Tranquil.. The Sepuluh Spirituality is an ancient oriental spirituality path and practice with unique teachings and yet, the most simple and effective practice suitable for everyone regardless of their races, ages, background, and beliefs that truly manifest spirituality is indeed universal. With an especially inherited technique, you will be assisted by Troy to activate your inner-self which before this; only lies dormant within you. This process will take only a while until you’ll be able to physically feel the presence of your inner-self energy. You will be personally coached to practice a very simple meditation technique that is purely peaceful and calming. You are encouraged to practice the meditation as often as you can at home for the much-needed self-experiences so that you can really learn and with series of guidance, Troy will consistently teach you to smoothen and perfecting the techniques. You soon will be ready to continue the routines perfectly by yourself. As you practice it more and more you will progress by learning new things more deeply about your inner self, your level of consciousness, mindfulness will grow, the sense of divine connection will blossom tremendously, and this can only be gained by self-experiences. As a result, you will be a much happier, healthier person filled with inner peace and loves, emotionally and physically elevated... and it eventually leads you to the true meaning of L I F E. ABOUT ME My name is Troy and I have devoted my life to spirituality for over 10 years now. I sincerely would like to spread the good vibes and divine love through the best universal platform, spirituality. Like some of you, I have gone through lots of hardship and life could be even rougher if we keep derailing from the right path. Believe me, true happiness can only be attained from within, and that is eternal happiness. The outside & worldly happiness are just faked…it won’t last long and will be faded... I’m here to help, I’m just happy to see if I could be a helping hand to another person to improves their spiritual life which surely, significantly will improve their emotional & physical being. Towards a better, happier, more peaceful world! 'We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but we are spiritual beings having a human experience'
Religion & spirituality · Meditation · Yoga
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Learn Greek online through intensive or specialized courses (Thessaloniki)
Margarita is a dedicated teacher with a friendly but focused approach. Her ability to listen and explain in your own pace makes you feel comfortable during lesson as she is ready to accommodate your needs. Having tried a few online teachers I can say I am learning and understanding the language easily with her guidance, I recommend her to everyone passionate to learn Greek as she is a real gem for me.
Review by IVANA
French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE] (Rabat)
Fawzi is friendly with an approachable manner. He is quick to understand your level of French and what needs to be achieved. He explains French very well and makes you feel comfortable even if you are inexperienced and looks for the positives in your approach to learning. I am happy with our training schedule so far and I hope to develop and gain confidence in my pronunciation of French and speaking.
Review by JUDE
Parkour and kung fu lessons for body control (Leuven)
Myrddin was patient, creative, and inspiring to our crew of little ninjas. We would definitely like to train again with him in the future.
Review by AIMEE

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