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8 quantitative chemistry teachers in United States

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Izhar - Amsterdam$20
Trusted teacher: Facing problem in Chemistry? Does your teacher presume that you know every single basic concept and start teaching directly advanced concepts!! Here is the solution. We'll be starting from the basic concepts and will be mastering over the advanced concepts gradually. You can simply tell for which topic you need more attention and time and which topics are your strengths (if any). I am providing you a brief summary of our course which we generally follow but that doesn't mean that I am bound to just this much content. In case you have any doubt for any other specific topic related to the subject, you could always come up to me or you need any help in your assignments or projects, you are always welcome. Here is a brief overview of the topics we'll be covering : * Some basic Concepts of Chemistry * Structure of Atom * Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties * Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure * States of Matter: Solid, liquid & gas * Thermodynamics * Equilibrium * Redox Reactions * Hydrogen * s-block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) * p-block Elements * d-block Elements * f-block Elements * Organic Chemistry: some basic principles and techniques * Hydrocarbons * Environmental Chemistry * Solid State * Solutions * Electrochemistry * Chemical Kinetics * Surface Chemistry * General Principles and Processes of Isolation Elements * Coordination Compounds * Haloalkanes and Haloarenes * Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers * Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids * Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen * Biomolecules * Polymers * Chemistry in Everyday Life In case you have any query, please feel free to contact me. Give yourself a chance for a better future. All the best
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Trusted teacher: I've been studying Chemistry for a while and I am currently in my Second Year of University, I have helped a fair bit with academic support throughout my years with Secondary School Chemistry, A level Chemistry and also helped with Foundation and First Year Chemistry and have the means to hopefully direct you on how to solve issues that may be hard to wrap your head around on first meeting the concepts, Chemistry is often a subject that people struggle with understanding as it's very much a you get it or you don't subject and I understand that not all concepts can be understood with the first explanation, I'm happy to re-explain or setup contact so that if I've covered something with you and you still don't quite get it after that I can go back over what you did before so that you don't feel like you need multiple sessions for the exact same question. In terms of work it'd mostly be for concepts or areas you don't understand in particular rather than a just general teaching of the subject area as I wouldn't want you to waste time on areas you are comfortable with, I'd have to know what areas you are having issues with ahead of time so I can have an idea as to what areas I'd need to refresh upon to best help you, since Chemistry is such a vast subject with so many different sections knowing the general area of a topic such as Inorganic Chemistry, Transition Metals ahead of time would go a long way for me to know how to prepare to help you. With Chemistry often comes applied mathematics as well as some physics knowledge at higher levels so I am also willing to help out with issues in those areas however my main area of strength is in chemistry so advanced mathematics such as further maths, A level physics and what not won't really be what I'm capable of however GCSE Physics and possibly AS level maths I may also be able to help with but do note that any help there will be limited. As a tutor I will endeavor to be more casual and open about things as to hopefully not be intimidating in any way, I am a student so I understand that it's often easier to open up about questions and be wrong if you don't feel like you are going to be judged for your mistakes. Learning is a process of making mistakes and figuring out how to solve those so you improve going forward, and I wouldn't want anyone I tutored to feel that a subject area is 'too simple' or 'dumb' to ask about. Chemistry is a subject that's core foundations are important to understand if you want to understand any of the harder concepts so even the 'simplest of things' are relevant for your understanding.
Chemistry · Organic chemistry · Quantitative chemistry
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Chemistry for High School and University exams (English) (Almere Stad)
Loreta A.
I reached out to Loreta because I had to learn a long list of topics in chemistry in order to prepare myself for university, in a relatively short period of time of being only about half a year. Loreta was able to prepare classes for me that not only made it easy for me to understand, but they contained everything I needed and whenever I had issues with something that I didn't understand, she was really helpful and patient with me. She was an awesome teacher for the short period of time she helped me, she made the classes fun and I think if I had a teacher like her in highschool I would've had a much easier time preparing for uni :) Overall I had a great experience with her and I can't recommend her enough
Review by ZSÓFIA
Python Step by step tutorial for beginners and intermediate (Amsterdam)
Izhar is an excellent tutor. He is very professional, knowledgeable, enlightening, insightful and adaptable/receptive to individual student needs. My tutoring session with him was really amazing and transformative for me and I highly recommend him. He keeps his lessons effective, engaging and fun. He customizes classes based upon your level of understanding. He conveys his knowledge of complex material in a manner which is easily understandable. If you want someone to work with you and ensure you progress like I have, go with Izhar.
Review by DANNY
⭐ French lessons for students, adults, children or anyone interested ⭐ (Ixelles-Elsene)
Marko is an amazing teacher and I would definitely recommend him to anyone! He is very patient, organized, kind and smart. Every class he provides the material and it is very useful, because in this way I can repeat from it after the class. Our online lessons really helped me improve and I became so much better! He also used a digital board which is very convenient and helpful. I loved also how he challenged me in order to work on my skills and improve them. Keep up the great work Marko! :)
Review by LUCA